What if the perfect house exists? You only don’t know where and when you get to see it. In your mind, it is already existing. Or, it is just a vague idea. Buying a house in or around Eindhoven always begins with a thought or a dream. In this blog, some ideas to start looking for a Dutch house to buy.

For me, buying a house in Eindhoven was just a logical step. After studying, marrying and saving money. Also, I lived already 10 years in Eindhoven, and I became in love with the city.

Questioning yourself

But I had no idea about the house we wanted to buy. What is more important? Comfort or style? Central or more remote? Price or state? And what if the perfect house doesn’t exist? And what about a garden?

In this blog, more ways to start looking for a house.

1. Dream

For a lot of people, dreaming is not easy. We tend to forget what our dreams were in the past. But by dreaming, you will get an idea of what you want or not want. That can be essential to find a house which suits you. A good starting point is viewing pictures from your childhood.

Looking around in Eindhoven

Another thing to do is visiting places in and around Eindhoven. Where do you want to live? To help you, you can read this blog about neighbourhoods in Eindhoven and the places around Eindhoven.

2. Visit a mortgage adviser

This is the more practical approach. You want to know how much mortgage you can get, and what the costs are. The easiest way to do that is by making an appointment with your bank or an independent mortgage adviser. If I had the choice: I would always choose for an independent adviser. Why? They have more options and better rates normally.

Also, look at the normal costs for being a Dutch house owner, besides your mortgage.

3. Looking around on websites

Most people know the website Funda where you can look at most of the houses for sale. Even the interior. You also can easily check and compare prices. You also find a lot of houses on jaap.nl. Don’t forget the website of your local real estate agent. In the Eindhoven region, there are several Facebook groups too.

4. Visiting houses of others

Have you been to a house and thought: I would like to live here? You are not the only one. By visiting other houses, you can compare and make a wish list.

5. Count your savings and belongings

Also, a very practical approach. To be able to buy a house, you need extra money. The mortgage will not supply additional costs like taxes, notary, translation etc.

6. Visiting a real estate agent

Do you want to know more about the housing market in your surroundings? A real estate agent can help you find a suitable house.

Also, the brokers have an earlier insight into houses that soon will be on the market. This is really worth the money. Especially when you want to think of buying a house in Eindhoven. The housing market is extremely tight at this moment.

7. Check prices on the internet

The prices for a house in and around Eindhoven and Veldhoven are quite high. So, it is worth to check first some prices online. My dream is still to buy a house with a large garden in the Eindhoven area, with plenty of space for an orchard. For now, that is just too expensive, but maybe ten years from now. By checking prices on the internet, you will prevent disappointments.

There are several ways:

1. You can check the prices of the sold houses in the neighbourhood, in the land register. In Dutch, it is called “kadaster”. For less than 3 euros, you find very reliable information about the actual selling prices.

2. Use Calcasa, this will give you insight in which houses are recently sold and which are comparable with the house you want to buy.

3. Another way to compare is looking into the WOZ-register. Every municipality makes an estimate of the value of every house in that city. You can check it here. Note: The information on the register can be outdated. It is at least one-year-old. And the house prices did rise 11% last year.

8. Save money

For this, you need patience. The house prices in the past years increased a lot. But on the other hand, if you don’t want a mortgage or when a mortgage is not enough, saving money is a way to go.

9. Other ways to buy a house in Eindhoven

Everyone is unique and every situation. Maybe you got the chance to buy the house you rent now. Or you decide to rent, so you can easily leave Eindhoven again.

What is next?

After buying a house in Eindhoven, you start preparing for your move. Of course, that is a lot of work. Possibly your new house requires adjustments, renovation or just a layer of paint.

If you don’t know how to start, do it cost-efficient or just need some advice. Take the first step and download the checklist moving in the Netherlands.


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