When you buy a house, you may see a lot of possibilities. Or, the broker promotes a lot of possibilities and notes them to sell the house. 

Especially, when your house has a garage. This gives a good opportunity to use that extra space.  Not only to park your car or bikes. In this blog, 10 ideas and a lot more to use to your advantage. And, it is way more affordable than adding an extension to your current house.

10 ideas for your garage to turn it into a living space:

1. Changing the garage door for a large window frame, with extra access.

2. Turn your garage into an office space or studio.

3. Playroom for your children.

4. Place your kitchen in that space, so your current living room will be larger.

5. For extra daylight, a window on the roof would be a good option. There are many options from small to large.

6. Placing extra outlets for flexibility in your interior design.

7. Using it as your private gym.

8. Extra storage

9. Multipurpose. Maybe you can use a part as a shed, and partly as a scullery.

10. A guest room.

What you need to know before starting a renovation…

– You most likely need a permit when turning your garage into a living space. It’s called an “omgevingsvergunning”. Check here if this applies to your situation. Do you need help? Just send me a message.

– Most garages are not insulated. Adding insulation will give you much comfort and a lower energy bill. Roof insulation and wall insulation are good options. Mostly, this is done from the inside of the garage. These measures have no subsidies, as this is a new living space.

9 Things to research before turning your garage into a living space


Prices for renovating a garage start from €12.000. On average, it will cost around €20.000. The costs for a kitchen or extra bathroom are not included in this estimate.

Current state

Just take a thorough look at your garage. What do you see? Is it entirely dry? Do you see any cracks or tears? Which materials are used?

Current construction.

You can check this on the technical drawings of your house. You can check whether there is insulation, the structure of the roof and the walls.


The difference between a house and a garage is usually the insulation. Insulating is highly recommended, as this will help you from freezing in the winter. Mostly, the insulation will be done from the inside. The most common method for the walls is this: a wooden frame will be mounted on the wall, insulation like rock wool insulation will be fitted in, and it will be finished off with plasterboard. This is a good moment to fit in electrical wires and outlets too. The roof can be done the same way.

Floor insulation is also a good idea, but not always possible.


With insulation, the natural ventilation will be reduced. For a good indoor climate, ventilation is indispensable. Adding a ventilation grill to your windows can be a solution.


In my opinion, light is important, as it brightens up your life. Especially, when you spend a lot of your time in that certain area. It’s not only about spotlights, but natural light is as important.


Before renovating the garage, you can think about the electricity too. An advice: add a few more outlets than you think you need now. As this will give you opportunities in the future. Ideally, in every corner. If you are not an electrician yourself, I recommend you hire a certified electrician for this job for safety reasons.


There are several ways to heat the extra space. To give a few ideas: using infra-red panels, floor heating, a (electrical) radiator or an air-conditioner. Some solutions are more expensive than others.


Of course, you want to live in a safe house. For this reason, mounting an extra smoke detector could be necessary. Also, think about good locks on doors and windows. This makes entering your house more difficult for burglars.

Maybe you think: it’s too much information to handle. No worries. Download the renovation checklist to have a good start. Click here.

DIY or outsource?

Depending on your budget, skills, motivation and time, you can choose to outsource the job or do it yourself. For finding a constructor you can read this blog


A garage is an easy and affordable option to add extra living space to your house. Whether it is to create an extra bedroom, home office or a playroom. The first step is researching the current state and your wishes and demands. For this, you can use the checklist renovation. You can download it here. The second step is deciding whether you want to do the work yourself or outsource it. Before the work starts, you most likely need to apply for a permit from the municipality. The third step is the construction phase. Good luck!



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