Many houses in the Netherlands are build as a terraced house. Of course, this has to do with the availability of ground. However, you can outgrow a house. Especially, when your family grows or when you start to work from home. Moving house could be an option. Another option is to look into the possibilities your house has.

One of the possibilities for houses with a slanted roof is placing a window dormer. This adds daylight and space to your house. And, increases the value of your house. Which makes it a good investment.

Did you know that dormers are used already in the 16th century? Mostly, to make some extra space for bedrooms.

A flat roof dormer

This is the type which is used the most in the Netherlands. As the word states it already: it has a flat roof and is the easiest to assemble. The flat roof dormer is mostly pre-fabricated (Prefab), which has the advantage to limit the building period. Mostly, the assembly on the roof will take 1–2 days. The finishing of the space indoors could take longer.

There are several types of windows used. Tilt and turn windows are the most popular ones. Also, fixed windows are an option. Although, cleaning the windows and frames are more difficult in that situation. Also, think about the ventilation. Ventilation grills could be a good option.

Prices start from €2.500 for a small flat roof dormer. A large dormer can easily cost €20.000.


A dormer needs some maintenance. Cleaning is important, although it could be wise to ask a professional to do this for you. Also, clean the gutters on a regular basis and replace rubber of the window frames on time.

For the window frames, you can choose from wood or PVC. My suggestion would always be: select PVC. The advantage is that less maintenance is needed. You can also decide for High Pressured Laminate on the sides instead of multiplex, which is a durable material and doesn’t need any paint layers.

How long does a dormer window last?

In general, a wooden dormer window will last 25 years, a PVC dormer window 40 years. Of course, this depends on the maintenance and the place.

Other suggestions

– Not only think about the outside of the house, but also the inside. Maybe, for living in that space, some adjustments need to be made too. For example: heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

– When placing a dormer, it may be an option to insulate the roof at the same time. As, some construction of the roof requires demolishing and finishing. And, insulation will help you to reduce the use of energy.

– Placing a dormer on each side of the house, creates even more space.

– Not so much budget, but still in need of extra daylight and ventilation? A skylight like a Velux window, could be an option.

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Requirements for permission to construct

Before the work starts, it’s good to look into the rules for placing a window dormer. For placing a dormer on the front side of the house, you always need to request for a permit. On the back side of the house, this depends on the municipality. Mostly, the rule of thumb is that you can use a maximum of 1/3 of the surface of your roof to place a dormer. Also, there are some rules regarding the distance of your neighbour’s roof.

A permission is given more easily when the appearance of the dormer will be similar to ones used in the near surroundings.

You can apply for a permit by using the website of the government, the permit is called “Omgevingsvergunning”: In average, it will cost 6 weeks before you will have the answer.

If you are owner of a monumental house, you always should request a permit.

In some cases, a construction calculation is needed. The implication is that some enforcement for the construction need to be placed, before placing a window dormer.

Finding a reliable construction company

In the Netherlands, there are companies specialized in placing dormers. Also, a general constructor can do the job. Mostly, the window dormers are prefab made and placed within a few days. The finishing on the inside of the house could take way longer, depending on your wishes and the use of the space.

Finding a reliable construction company can be a challenge. To give you a few tips:

– What’s your first impression of the company?

– Is the quotation complete? 

– How are the terms and condition? The usual guarantee period for a dormer window, is 10 years. What is the down payment? What happens when something goes not as it should?

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A dormer is a good investment in your house. It gives you more space and adds value to your house. 

Good to know, when you want a dormer window at the front of your house, you always require a permit. On the back, it depends on which municipality you live and the appearance. 

Do you have a lot of ideas, but finding it difficult to come to the realization of your dreams? Or, do you have a lack of ideas, but you do need that extra space in your house? Then, it’s time to plan an introductory meeting by clicking this link. It’s free of charge. 

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