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A new country, a challenging job, and you did buy a house too. Everything needs attention. Only your time and energy….

You are longing for a home, not just a house. However, your house needs renovation. This is where Settle Down Support can help you.

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Where to start when I want to renovate my Dutch house?

As a new house owner in the Netherlands, you’re confronted with many things. Maybe your bathroom needs renewal, or do you need an extension for some extra living space? You see the possibilities but think: how am I supposed to do this? How does this work here?

Let’s sit down together and make a solid plan.

This will mean less stress and oversight for you. We will discuss prices, materials, planning and much more. Let us help you make your home renovation easier!

Questions you might have


The house needs an update, but what are the possibilities?


I recently bought a house, but a lot of work needs to be done. Where do I start and finish?


I want to make changes in my house, but which company do I get in to do the work? What is a reasonable price?


What options do I have to make my house more sustainable?


How can I make the best use of my time and money?


What am I forgetting?


We help you with


Reducing stress


Gaining a better overview of all that needs to be done / arranged


Ensuring you are investing your money well


Overcoming potential language and cultural barriers


Setting realistic goals in terms of time, energy, and finances


Knowing which materials you need and where you can buy them


Reducing the time it takes to make your house into a home


Curious about what we can do for you?

Plan an introductory meeting without any obligation, free of charge. 

You are not alone

Before I started Settle Down Support, I saw many internationals and expats struggling with housing. And when they found a house, it took ages before it feels like home.

I believe a home to be one of life’s necessities. Once your house is a home, you can relax. Then you can devote more energy to what really matters, such as work and family.

Who am I?

I am Marijke. Since my years at university, I love to surround myself with people from different cultures. They have enriched my life in many ways. And curious as I am, I always learn so much from internationals.

After studying to be a professional painter and teacher in building skills, I worked as a planner in a construction company. After 8 years, I needed a new challenge. That’s how Settle Down Support started up.


Start the process of renovating your house

Personal advice

Recently bought a house? Do you want to adjust your house to your wishes, but don’t know where to start? Let’s do it together. First, we will clarify your wishes and dreams. Then we will start searching for the right materials, companies, and offers.

Invest in maintaining your house and save money

Inspection and advice

You’ve already lived for some time in your house as an expat. Now it is time for some maintenance. However, what is wise to do now and what can wait? Let’s have a closer look and see what a good investment for your house would be.

Finishing touch

Colour and paint advice

Does your house feel like something is missing? Do you want a more balanced look to your house, but don’t know how? A new layer of paint in the right colour makes a big difference. We can even show you how to paint your house yourself. 

Marijke has helped us before during our move. She viewed the whole house and made a shopping list so that we did not miss out while doing odd jobs and could work very efficiently. She also created a colour plan. This gave us peace of mind in the hectic pace of moving house.
Then it was the turn of the attic to insulate. A job that we dreaded very much. We couldn’t outsource it either on short notice, because all the construction companies were so busy. So I checked with Marijke if she could think along with us. She has worked out the plan for us –  how we can insulate the attic step by step, including an order list of which products we needed. She thinks of the smallest details, very nice! That means we have a clear plan and are confident that we will succeed in getting this job done.

– Karin


More information on how we can help you?

This 15-minute introductory meeting is free of charge.  No strings attached. Promised.

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