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Are you an expat or an international? Have you just bought a house in the Netherlands? Now what? How on earth are you supposed to approach the whole house moving process?

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help. Let’s make you a home.

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How do I create a home
in a country I did not grow up in?

If you’re an expat or an international and you’ve just bought a house. What, contemplating all the hurdles to be crossed can keep you awake at night? We can help. We can sit down together and make a solid plan. This we do by drawing on our knowledge about prices, materials and planning.

Questions you might have


What options do I have as an expat when it comes to buying a house in the Eindhoven area?


I want to make changes in my new house but which handyman do I get in to do the work? What is a reasonable price?


What questions do I ask current owners and real estate agents that don’t speak my language?


Where should I buy the materials I need? 


What options do I have to make my house more sustainable?


How can I make the best use of my time and money?


What am I forgetting?


We help you with


Reducing moving stress


Gaining a better overview of all that needs to be done / arranged


Ensuring that you don’t pay more than necessary for third-party services


Overcoming a potential language barrier


Setting realistic goals in terms of time, energy and finances


Knowing which materials you need and where you can buy them


Reducing the time it takes to make your house into a home

We would certainly say that her help was indispensable in making our apartment a home. 

– Jubin and Viji Jacob


Let’s make you a home

Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting.

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