Several types of estate agents

A real estate agent or broker is called “makelaar” in Dutch. Read on for a list with real estate agents in Eindhoven.

There are two kinds of brokers. “Aankoopmakelaar”, which will help you to buy a house, and a “verkoopmakelaar” will help you to sell your house.

Some brokers can also validate your current house and give you mortgage advice, or advice on your insurances. By the way: everybody can call him- or herself a real estate agent in the Netherlands. It’s not a protected title. So be careful which one you choose.

List of real estate agents in Eindhoven with English website

There are a lot of brokers in and around Eindhoven. Most of them are not only active in Eindhoven, but also in Veldhoven, Best, Geldrop, Waalre and Nuenen. This is a selection in alphabetic order, to help you. If we forgot a broker, just send us a message.

  1. AB Makelaars 
  2. Broekx makelaardij
  3. Cato makelaars
  4. Coppelmans makelaardij
  5. Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars
  6. Era VBT makelaars
  7. Hendriks makelaardij
  8. Huibers makelaardij
  9. Hypodomus
  10. Janssen Steijlen
  11. Kennis makelaardij
  12. Lamot makelaars
  13. Regio 56 makelaars
  14. Soetens makelaars
  15. Vollenbroek makelaars en taxateurs

What are the advantages of a real estate agent when buying a house in Eindhoven?

Before houses for sale are published on Funda (the biggest website for houses on sale in the Netherlands), it can take a few days. In those days, brokers have already inside that the houses are on the market. Also, they sometimes know which houses will be for sale in a few weeks. They know the market and know what a house should cost.  So if you want to be quick, it can be helpful to have an “aankoopmakelaar”.

In some situations, they also do a technical inspection, which gives you an overview of the state of the house. If you want to sell the house, they can negotiate for you. Not only on the price, but also on which things should be in the contract.

Curious what kind of questions you can ask a broker? Read on here.

And when you sell your house?

Estate agents have a big network. So the chances that your house will be sold in a reasonable time span is increasing. They arrange photo’s and a subscription to your house and place the information on Funda. They also organize the viewings for interested parties and negotiate for you.

Can you sell or buy a house of your own?

Of course, you can. If you want to invest a lot of time in investigation and know exactly what needs to be in the contract and know how to negotiate, go ahead. But be careful.


A real estate agent can help you to sell or buy a house in Eindhoven. There are a lot of advantages to it. And you can do it in your own, but know what you are doing.

If you want some help with:

-Preparing your move.

-Adjusting your newly bought home to your wishes.

– Or someone who can help you understand the documents you received about your new house.

Please feel free to contact us for all the possibilities. Or, if you are thinking of moving, download the checklist moving in the Netherlands by clicking here.


Settle Down Support wants to stay independent. This list is for your use, but doesn’t say anything about the quality of the estate agents in Eindhoven. We love to hear about your experiences. Just leave a comment below.

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