The advantages of using this checklist


You know what to expect when you move in the Netherlands.


It gives you an overview of your own moving process.


You will learn about the things you need to know. So moving house will be easier. 


If you follow the checklist, it will reduce the time, energy and money you spend on moving from house to house.

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My own experience

A number of years ago, we bought a newly built home. We prepared by saving money for several years while living in a very small flat. After a two-year wait, we finally got the keys. By then, I was pregnant and very limited physically. I had prepared as much as I could beforehand and had ordered the materials we needed but couldn’t do much otherwise. Largely thanks to the help of others, we eventually reached the point where all the boxes were in the right rooms, the floors were in, the walls plastered and painted, the kitchen installed. There was still a lot to do, but from that stage onwards, our house quickly started to feel like home. My desire is to help others achieve the same goal.


In recent years we have noticed what a struggle it often is for expats and internationals to find a house. And having found a house, it takes them a long time to turn it into a home, simply because they don’t know where to start in a culture where everything works so differently. We are convinced that with the right help, they could get through the whole process faster and with less stress. We believe a home to be one of life’s basic necessities. Once your house is a home, you can relax and devote more energy to what really matters, such as work and family.