A new wardrobe?

In 2018, I had the “brilliant” plan to buy a wardrobe on Marktplaats. This is an online platform where people can sell a lot of second-hand stuff like furniture. When we got married, we didn’t have enough money to buy a bed and a new wardrobe fitting our bed. So, we decided with a new build house, we also needed another wardrobe.

On the images, everything was fine. It was exactly the one we had in our minds. The problem: we needed to pick it up in The Hague, while we live in Eindhoven. So, my husband rented a little truck to pick it up on one evening in the winter.

The wardrobe was already disassembled, and my husband got help to place the many components in the truck. He secured the parts, so they wouldn’t slide during the ride. He paid the wardrobe and left back to Eindhoven.

After a few months, we assembled the wardrobe. And, we noticed that the components were damaged, the hinges needed to be replaced and the assembly itself took a lot of time.

This learned me that you always need to be cautious. Take some time for checking and viewing before you buy second-hand furniture.

Where to find second-hand furniture in the Netherlands?


The number one place online is Marktplaats. On this website, people like you and me can easily sell their belongings. You can add filters, like distance or black couch. Take in mind that you need to take care of transport yourself

Also, many webshops are specialized in second-hand items. You can search in Dutch: “Tweedehands meubels” and you will find plenty of them. Most of them deliver at home.

Also, you can look on Facebook.


Almost in every village or city you can find a thrift shop (tweedehands winkel). If they sell furniture, most likely they also deliver at home. It will cost some patience and time, but in the last years I came across a 1930s cabinet, a desk, a couch, a fauteuil and much more.

Pro’s and cons

Some advantages of second hand furniture

– It is cheaper than new furniture.

– No new resources are used for manufacturing.

– More choice, especially in different styles.

– No time needed for producing.


– It will take some effort and time to find suitable furniture.

– Damaging during transport.

– Transport is not always included.

– Quality can vary.

Before buying second-hand furniture, preparation is key


A mood board is just a sheet of paper, filled up with pictures or materials you like. This may help you to choose which colours, style and materials you want.

Don’t think in what is fashionable right now, it is all about what you like. Better be creative and think out of the box.


When you buy a house, you will receive a layout. Normally, this layout has a scale. To prepare yourself for buying furniture, you can make a puzzle. Just, draw a dining table, chairs and what you like more on the same skill. Cut it out, and try to fit it in logically in the space.

This helps to get an idea what will fit in your room, and what item is too big or small.


Some colours you can change easily, like on the wall. Others are more difficult, like the flooring who is already in. To make a right decision colourwise, you can take some sample with you.

Do you want to know more, how to apply colour in your interior? Just read this blog.


It isn’t easy to estimate measures. Especially, when you see a table in a large hall full of furniture. And, want to fit that same table in a small space. A roller may help you to decide.

Shopping list

In my mind, I always make a shopping list. Things which I need now, and things which are on my wish list.


When I need some inspiration, I visit a museum or the library. Or watch houses on Funda, you will find the most stunning interiors.

Some other ideas for inspiration:

– Visit a nice city like Alkmaar or Arnhem and drink a cup of coffee in a coffee bar.

– Buy some interior magazines in a thrift shop.

– For nice colour combinations, look in nature.


It will cost some time and energy to find the perfect second-hand furniture for your house. Although, you end up with something unique. There is a lot of  furniture on the market, if you know where to look.

If you think: my house needs an update too, like painting or maintenance, or I need some help with the colours, feel free to contact me.


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