In preparation for starting Settle Down Support, I did some research on expat rental housing in Eindhoven. In interviews, I asked people how they found a place to live. And what experiences they have in finding a house.

Renting a house

When internationals stay the first time in Eindhoven, it is likely that they rent a place to live. In some cases, the company will help you with that. Most expats and internationals find it difficult to find a suitable flat or house to stay in. Especially when they want to live together with their family.

In Eindhoven, there are a lot of agencies which rent out houses. In this blog, you find out what the possibilities are to find a rental house as an expat in Eindhoven. Of course, also information about how you can check if you pay a good price. But first, we start with the difference between social rental and public rental houses in Eindhoven. I will explain to you what the differences are and what can affect your situation.

Social rental houses

If your income is limited, you can subscribe for social housing. The rent is maximized to €737.14 in 2020. And if your income is really low, you can have a refund from the government in certain cases. In Eindhoven, there are several companies who rent out social housing.

Woonbedrijf, the largest of all.

Vestide is especially for students.



You can subscribe for a rental house at their website. But aware there can be a waiting list of many years, and they check your income when there is a house available for you. In some cases, you can get an urgency statement, and they will help you sooner. But I hope you will never get one.

Rental agencies

If your income is too high for a social rental house, you have the option of rental agencies or brokers. There are a lot of choices and the companies are not regulated by the government, but there are some rules. The market is tight at the moment, so it can take some effort to find a property that will suit you, especially for a reasonable price. To have an idea of what is on the market, you can search on Funda.

Christoph Hauenstein did write a great article about his rental housing experiences in Eindhoven. Worth reading.

The average price of renting a house in Eindhoven, July 2021? € 14,11 per square meter. In Veldhoven it is €12,94.


If you need some help with finding a rental house, I can highly recommend you Vicky Steijntjes from VS Expat Services. She is specialized in finding housed for expats and based in Veldhoven.

Some things to take into account for a rental house as an expat in Eindhoven:

– Some companies ask money on a forehand to begin the search. This is not allowed by law! The costs are for the owner of the property, so think twice as this happens.

– Invest some time in research on the reliability of the rental agency or owner before you decide to rent a house.

– In most cases, you will pay service costs above the rent. Check here for information.

– Negotiation about the rental price is not common, but you can always try, of course.

– Water, gas, and electricity (GWE) is not included.

– You can check your amount of rent here.

– Always ask to see the property on the forehand, so you get a feeling about the space, light, surrounding area and what to expect.

– Renting a house can be more expensive than paying a mortgage. If you are planning to stay longer, buying a house in Eindhoven can be a better option.

What to expect when you rent a house as an expat?

Houses in the Netherlands are small compared to some other places. It is not common to rent a house fully furnished, although the market is changing because of the big group of Expats and internationals in Eindhoven. A kitchen and bathroom though is seen as mandatory, but not a stove or refrigerator. If you want a house with curtains and flooring, you can search for furnished houses.

A one or two-month deposits on the forehand is normal. It is likely that you have to prove your income and that it has to be 4 times the rent. Also, your rental contract can be limited to, for example, one year. You, as a tenant, are protected by law, and without a good reason, a house owner can’t kick you out. This is why they sometimes limit the time of the contract.


To find an expat rental house in Eindhoven can take time. But when you investigate your options, know what you want, and ask around it is certainly possible.

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