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Privacy- and Cookie Statement Settle Down Support

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulations

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: “GDPR”) came into effect. Since that date, all personal data of EU citizens has the same level of protection in every EU country. Settle Down Support acknowledges the importance of the GDPR and will make sure to comply with all the rules and obligations necessary.

Settle Down Support is allowed to process personal data, based on consent, the execution of an agreement, any applicable law or the legitimate interest of Settle Down Support. We may only process your personal data for a specified purpose. Each purpose will be described in this privacy statement with an overview on what type of personal date is processed and on what ground we are allowed to process your personal data.

Definitions: processing, personal data and special categories

Processing is anything that can be done with personal data, such as save, view, display, collect, copy, modification, deleting, etc.

Personal data is anything that identifies or leads to identifying an individual person. Data like name, address, phone number and e-mail address are obviously personal data, but a precise description of someone’s looks or locations someone passes on a daily basis could also be considered personal data. Only anonymized data is permitted to process without regard to the GDPR. Pseudonymized data however, can still be traced down to an individual and therefor the GDPR still applies on pseudonymized data.

There is a special category of (sensitive) personal data: the “special categories personal data”. This is data that holds information such as ethnic origin, political or religious views, sexual orientation, medical information and biometric data.

Settle Down Support does NOT process any “special category” personal data.

Defining data subjects, data controller and data processor

Data subjects are the individuals whose personal data is processed. Data subjects have specific rights and are always in charge of their own personal data.

The data controller is the party that decides the necessity of the processing, the purpose and the grounds that the processing is based on.

A data processor is a (third) party that processes the personal data on behalf of the data controller. The data controller is still responsible and has to make sure a data processing agreement is in place between him and the processor. The processor needs to abide by the instructions of the controller at all times and is obliged to cooperate with any request of data subjects.

When it comes to your personal data, Settle Down Support will be considered to be the data controller. Our contact information is:

Settle Down Support
Waterlinie 635
5658NR Eindhoven
Tel.: +31 6 214 62 214
e-mail: info @
Settle Down Support is known by the Dutch Chambers of Commerce (“Kamer van Koophandel”) by number 77245776 and is represented by Marijke Nelisse.

We process personal data for the following purposes:

The Agreement

When executing the agreement between you and Settle Down Support, the following personal data may be processed:
Phone number;
E-mail address;
Financial information such as budget, mortgage and the price of your house;
Information about third parties you plan to hire.

These personal date will be processed in order to fulfill our part of the agreement and to be able to communicate with you. The basis on the ground of which we process this information is the agreement itself. We cannot execute the agreement without it. We will never process more financial information than strictly necessary for the agreement.

We will delete the information, as far as possible and permitted by law, within 2 (two) months after completing, expiration or termination of the agreement.


Settle down support is obliged by law to have a decent and correct administration. We process the following information about you in our administration:

Phone number;
E-mail address;
Bank account number;
Billing information;
Signed contracts or other communication that proves the existence and content of the agreement.

We have to keep the personal date in our administration for 8 years, based on Tax laws.


Before we enter into an agreement, Settle Down Support processed you contact details in order to be able to communicate with you. You provide us with you information in a request for more information and we process this based on you consent to do so.
The personal data we process to be able to contact you may be:

E-mail address;
Phone number.

We will delete this information as soon as you decide not to use our services. In case you become our customer, this information will become part of the administration as mentioned above.


Only with your permission we will add you to our mailing list, in order to keep you updated on the latest news, tips and tricks in relation to our company and services. We will process your:

Name (first and last);

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the newsletter. You will then be immediately removed from the mailing list.

Social media
We may use Social Media for our marketing activities. We currently use Facebook and LinkedIn. The information that may be processed is:

Your name;
Sometimes e-mail address.

We may use the advertisement option that Facebook and LinkedIn provide. We may select certain demographics to make sure our advertising reaches you and others that may be interested in what we have to offer. We will not be able to access detailed information about individuals and we refer to the privacy settings you selected in your own social media account.
In case you enter into our Facebook group, we may see the information you share in Facebook. We refer you to you Facebook settings to control what we can or cannot see.

The ground this type of processing is our legitimate interest, because with marketing we can find our customers and without customer’s we can’t survive.


Settle Down Support uses cookies on their website. Cookies are small technical files that are placed on the device you use to visit our website. Cookies may show us your IP-address, which can be traced down to you as a person and therefore is personal data. We may also get to see your location, depending on our settings. We use different types of cookies.

Functional cookies: this type of cookies enable us to make sure you get to see our website in a language you understand, to make sure the website actually works and other functional options to make the website work. These type of cookies are necessary to load and view our website and therefore don’t require your permission.
Analytical cookies: these cookies enable us to see what our visitors like to see on our website and if the website works properly. We place this type of cookies in our own legitimate interest and your personal data will be anonymized by Google Analytics. This means that your IP-address is cut and no longer complete. Therefore it cannot be traced back to you as an individual, but still provide us with the information we need.
Third party cookies/marketing cookies: this type of cookie remembers the pages you visited in order to show you relevant advertising on other websites. For example on Facebook and Google. We use a Facebook pixel in order to show you relevant information on Facebook and to check the traffic coming from Facebook and leaving our website to check out our Facebook page. We will only use this cookie if you gave us permission to do so in the cookie bar on our website.

You can remove cookies yourself, by deleting than in your browser settings.

Third parties

We do use the services of other parties in processing your personal data. The third parties we use are:
Our accountant/bookkeeper;
Our hosting provider;
Our telecom provider;
Google analytics;
Mailing list provider;
Software for planning and calendar management.

We have a data processing agreement on place with all third parties to make sure your personal data is safe.

Data subject rights and complaints
As a data subject you always have the right to request insight in your personal data that we process. You can also request us to alter or remove (part) of the data we process. If permitted by law we will always comply with such request.

Any requests, questions or claims regarding personal data may be addressed to: info @

If you have any complaints about us and the way we handle your personal data, you have the right to complain about us at the local privacy authority. In the Netherlands this is the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” and you can find more information and forms at


We do everything in our power to make sure your personal data is safe. We have made all necessary arrangements to have an adequate and technical up-to-date security in place.
For your security we do not post our exact security measures online, but we do have a security policy you can ask us about at any time.