A new house vs DIY house

What do you prefer? Where do you see yourself living the next few years? Do you know I prefer a DIY house before a renovated house or a newly built house? Here is the reason: I like a building where you can feel and see that there has been a lot of craftsmanship to make a great result.

On the other hand, in some stages of life, there is not so much time to do things of your own in the house. And when you buy an old house where a lot of things need a bit of adjustment to your style, it is also a lot of work. So, that’s why I still dream of an old house with a lot of details, and an orchard.

Advantages of a new house

But now, we live in a newly built house. And it also has a lot of advantages! And we are still thankful in this period of corona to have a house with a separate room just for working. Some more advantages are:

– More parking spots than the houses built in the past.

– The newest building techniques and construction regulations are applied, so the house doesn’t consume (a lot of) energy and is well insulated.

– You can add your taste to it, although it can easily cost a lot of money.

– In the coming years, you can expect that there are that maintenance costs are limited.

Some disadvantages are:

– You have to wait a long period before you can move, depending on the project.

– It can take a huge investment to finish your house after receiving the key of the house. You need to think about the garden, kitchen, bathroom, flooring, wallcovering and much more.

Renovated house

If you look well around, you see a lot of houses, renovated every 20 years or so. So if the house is 20 years old, there is a chance that the kitchen and bathroom are replaced. A lot of Dutch people will buy a house that needs some renovation before moving in. Or they do it along the way. For an expat, it is also an option! And it has a lot of advantages:

– Not so many additional costs to adjust the house.

– The date of the move is normally in the close future.

– There are more houses on the market than the brand-new houses.

– Probably more expensive than a brand-new house, but you don’t have to do so much yourself.

– You can save money before investing again in your house.

– You can negotiate about the flooring, curtains, and further belongings in the house.

– There is not much work to be done.


– Some houses are not so energy efficient. You can check it on the energy label.

– Don’t buy a house which is not your taste. Adapting a house will cost more than you think.

– Keep in mind that you need to reserve some costs for maintenance every year, depending on the state of the house.

– Always ask for a technical inspection. You never know which hidden defects will appear. As a buyer, you have the duty to do your research well.

DIY house

What about living in a windmill, water tower or an old barn? These are most likely houses or other buildings where you have to do a lot yourself or outsource it. A lot of young couples buy a DIY house while living somewhere else. In some cases, they are busy for more than a year to upgrade the house. If you like doing a lot of things yourself, it can be a good choice.

Do you want to prepare yourself well before you start with renovating your house? Check out this guide for house renovation for free.

Some things to keep in mind:

– The energy consumption of the house is probably not what you wish for, so insulation is worth looking at.

– Be aware that most houses before 1990 can be asbestos in the house. The rules are getting stricter every year, so prepare that you have to remove it somewhere in the future. But maybe it is wise to do it now!

– In Eindhoven and around in places like Veldhoven, Waalre, Son and Nuenen a lot of houses are built on sand. And probably the floor isn’t insulated. If you want to do something about that, it can be a huge job. You probably need to dig out the whole floor and begin again. Most people choose to let it go, however.

– By insulating, you can even make your house a self-supporting house energy-wise. Most likely, you can make use of subsidies.

– You can make every change in the house, you want. However, on the outside of the house, it’s another story. So inform yourself well if you need a permit from the municipality you live in.

– Not every cost can be included in a mortgage, so you have to have a lot of spare money for this option. Depending on how much you want to do in your new house.

In the Netherlands, it is common to inform your neighbors about renovating the house.  Details as duration, when you are planning to make noise are highly appreciated. Please be aware that it will have consequences for them too.

Costs of renovating a house

Of course, the costs of renovating your house depends on the state and size of the house and your own wishes. If you want to have quotations checked, know what the good prices are or other help: contact us!

To give you some examples for costs:

– Renovating a kitchen will cost you easily between €10.000 – 20.000.

– An average bathroom €5000-7500.

– Insulating a roof (€1500-4500), floor except flooring €100,00 per square meter, cavity wall insulation €15,00 per square meter.

If you do it your own, you will save the costs of labour.

The good news is, that there are a lot of subsidies available. Check here.

Conclusion newly built, renovated house or DIY house?

What kind of house you want to buy is up to you. If you want a house where you can move in soon, a renovated house is a good option. A newly built house has the advantage of good insulation and not so much maintenance in the near future. And a DIY house will cost not so much when you buy it, but you need to invest a lot of money in the end. The choice is up to you!

If you want help during the process of buying a house, or when you renovate your house, please contact us.

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