Together, we optimalize your house and keep it in the best possible condition!

Prevent high costs in the future by maintaining on-time and making your house more sustainable.

You may experience this:


You bought a house built before the 1990s.  


After a few years of living in this house, you see some space for improvement. Like an office space for yourself in the attic, renewing the kitchen or changing the garage in living space. 


All your Dutch neighbours know exactly what to do, but you have no clue. 


Where do I find reliable companies? I don’t want hassle later on. 


I spend already hours on the internet, searching for a good start and information. Without any progress. 


The energy bill is so high nowadays, I have saved some money and thinking about investing in my house. So, what is a good start?

What if…


We make a plan together, completely tailored to your situation. 


You can save a lot of time, by knowing where to start maintaining your house and which companies are reliable. 


You know which investments are wise to do without overlooking something?


Knowing where you can save costs later on, by doing maintenance just on time?


There is someone who supports you through the process. So, you can make the best possible choices, and you don’t have to worry about anything?

About me

As a child, I always had some kind of craft project on the go. Whatever the materials involved – wood, paper, paints – being creative made me happy. From age 16, I trained as a decoration and restoration painter.

Then, eager to learn more, I studied to become a teacher, specializing in building maintenance, management and completion.

It was during this period that I first came into contact with internationals. Thanks to them, my world grew and expanded. 

I took a job with a building company. As a construction planner, my day-to-day duties included preparing quotations, making cost calculations, planning projects and purchasing materials and labour. 

This knowledge, combined with a natural curiosity and interest in people, makes Settle Down Support. My aim is that everyone’s house will be home. I want to help you feel welcome and feel at home in this country and in your house. So you have more energy for things that matters to you. 

The advantages of this investment


You know exactly what part of your house needs some extra attention, and what can wait.


By maintaining your house just on time, you can save hundreds to thousands of euros later on.


Save hours of searching for solutions and good companies. 


You will get honest, independent advice.


A well-maintained house will sell better in the future.


Also, we take a look at smart investments for your house, to save energy immediately. 

What can I expect from the inspection?


We visit your house, to do a visual inspection. 


You can ask any question you have, regarding your house and current state. 


We will dig into the best solution for your situation. 


Focus on the sustainability of your house, so you know which improvements will pay out in the next few years.


An intelligent maintenance plan is made for the next 5–10 years. So, you know exactly what to do and when. 

Maintenance plan

Tailored for your situation and your house.

Including house inspection and maintenance plan.

Starting from 345 euro

Including V.A.T.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best moment for maintaining my house?

This is dependent on your situation. If you need an upgrade or renovation, the best moment is to do it at the same time. In other cases, small things every year and some large maintenance like painting every few years. 

Does Settle Down Support also advise about making my house more energy efficient?

Of course! Smart maintenance is also seeing what investments you can do, to earn back in the future. Good for your wallet, and good for the environment. 

What is included in the maintenance plan?

This includes a plan for the next 10 years and, advice on what you can do yourself, how to find reliable companies and which investments can be smart to do. 

What do I need to prepare?

First, we plan an online introductory meeting for free and see whether we have a click.  

After that, we plan a house visit together. This is only available around Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Den Bosch, Weert and Tilburg. 

It can help to have all your house documents ready. So, we can dig in your specific situation. 

Do I need to tidy up my house before the house inspection?

We visit all kinds of houses, also with children. Just be yourself.  It’s your house, just do what you like.


Let’s start to make a maintenance plan

To start well, plan your free introductory meeting by pushing the button. In this 15-minute meeting, you can ask any questions you want. Also, we see whether there is a click and, what will fit your situation.

Take off to a successful house renovation by downloading the Renovation Guide for free.

- Start off successfully by turning your Dutch house into a dream home.

- Stop overthinking the renovation steps and make the best possible renovation start.

- Save your valuable time by using this renovation guide so that you can enjoy your renovated house soon. 

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