The advantages of using this checklist


Afraid of forgetting something? Let this guide help you. 


This guide will help you to order your dreams, ideas and information. 


After filling in, you have a complete oversight of what you want.


Perfect start for asking for quotations from construction companies.

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Good preparations, good results

The lesson with renovations, I have learned, is that good preparations give good results.

I love the building process. As a planner for 8 years, I planned a lot of renovations. And, they all had in common that always something unexpected happened. And, that is the challenge I like. This challenge is also finding a balance between budget, time schedule and being reliable to others.

What about you? Do you want to figure it all out yourself? Or, do you want some help, starting by downloading the renovation guide? 


In recent years we have noticed what a struggle it often is for expats and internationals to find a house. And having found a house, it takes them a long time to turn it into a home, simply because they don’t know where to start in a culture where everything works so differently. We are convinced that with the right help, they could get through the whole process faster and with less stress. We believe a home to be one of life’s basic necessities. Once your house is a home, you can relax and devote more energy to what really matters, such as work and family.