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Take off for a successful house renovation. Turn your Dutch house into a dream home.


Start with success by turning your Dutch house into a dream home.


Stop overthinking the steps of renovation and make the best possible renovation start to your renovations.


Save valuable time by using this renovation guide, so you can enjoy your renovated house sooner.


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Have a plan to help you remember everything you need for a successful renovation. 


Create a roadmap with your dreams, ideas and important information.


Then, it’s clear what you need to do next to start realizing your dreams for your house.

Good preparations, good results

Hi, I am Marijke,

In recent years, I have noticed that expats and internationals struggle to find a house. And having found a house, it can take a long time to turn it into a home. Because, simply, many aren’t sure where to start in a culture where everything works so differently. 

I love the building process. Working as a planner for 8 years, I planned a lot of renovations. I noticed that they all had this in common: something unexpected always happened. And, that is the challenge I like. Things like balancing the budget, the time schedule and being reliable to others.

The lesson with renovations, I have learned, is that good preparation is key. Your house will be home soon. So, you have time for other important things.


It was the turn for us to insulate the attic. A job that we dreaded very much. We couldn’t outsource it either on short notice, because all the construction companies were so busy.

Marijke has worked out the plan for us – how we could insulate the attic step by step, including an order list of which products we need.

She thinks of the smallest details, very nice! That means that we have a clear plan again and are confident that we will succeed in getting this job done.