What others say about Settle Down Support

I reached out for help to Marijke in order to understand what could be the possibilities of loans, help and subsidies to renew my windows.

Her input has been extremely helpful in a very short time, and helped me make the right decisions.
I’ll certainly reach out again if I need, and I warmly recommend her help to my friends. Thank you again!


Marijke has helped us before during our move. She viewed the whole house and made a shopping list so that we did not miss out while doing odd jobs and could work very efficiently. She also created a colour plan. This gave us peace of mind in the hectic pace of moving house.

Then it was the turn of the attic to insulate. A job that we dreaded very much. We couldn’t outsource it either on short notice, because all the construction companies were so busy. So I checked with Marijke if she could think along with us. She has worked out the plan for us –  how we can insulate the attic step by step, including an order list of which products we needed. She thinks of the smallest details, very nice! That means we have a clear plan and are confident that we will succeed in getting this job done.

– Karin

“Marijke and Settle Down Support guided me to find an excellent house in the Netherlands with clear knowledge. Marijke will always give genuine comments about each house I was looking into.
She will clearly list out all the positives and negatives about a specific house with related references and research. Based on that it would be easier for you to make a correct decision.
Once I moved into the home, she did the follow-up and visited us. She has given a lot of feedback about improving the energy level and safety aspects of the house. She also gave very helpful guidance about house maintenance and the cleaning process. So I highly recommend Settle Down Support for their service”
Arun S.

I contacted Marijke because I wanted to paint my new house. I love colours but don’t want a circus full of colours. In my last house, there was colour, but it was not in harmony. I wanted to avoid that in my new home. We had already chosen colours for the kitchen in our new house and also a desired colour for the living room, but would that become a whole?

Based on the kitchen colours and a vague description from us about the desired colour of the living room, Marijke has laid out a palette in which both the colour and the tranquillity return. It is now a relief for me to enter my house. It’s colourful yet calm and soft, just what I wanted.

Marijke listens carefully to what you want, she is also very precise in capturing what is already there so that it really fits.


I asked Marijke for her advice and expertise regarding painting my apartment. She was clear about which information she needed from me to make preliminary calculations. After I agreed to proceed she came and advised me regarding color choices, placed the order for all the materials, and helped me get things started. Very soon I was equipped and confident to complete the mission. Along the way I asked many questions, and she always took the time to clarify. I am so pleased with the result and truly would recommend her kind and professional service to anyone.