Services for Expats

For expats who want to turn their house into a home

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How do I create a home
in a country I did not grow up in?

Are you an expat or an international and a (new) house owner? Thinking about renovating? What can, contemplating all the hurdles to be crossed, keep you awake at night? We can advise you when you want to improve or renovate your house. So you know what to do to get the house of your dreams. 

Kickstart house renovation


After this kickstart, you exactly know what to do to have a good end result.


You will save a lot of time and energy searching for good solutions. 


In the end, you will have a complete roadmap from A-Z to start your house renovation.


Optional: a list of materials and qualified companies.


Investment is only €297. 

1. Start the process of renovating your house

Personal advice

You are about to purchase a house or a house owner for some years? And, is it time for some renovation work? Then this is the right option for you.


First, we take a look at your specific situation and dreams. 


In the end, you will have a plan from A-Z for your renovation. Specific to your situation.  


During the process, we support you in finding the right companies and materials within your budget. So, you will save time, money and energy.


Is the Dutch language complex for you? No problem, we can take away the language barrier for you. 


Including advice on paint, colour and the use of materials. So you are ready to start off!


Prices are based on an hourly rate of €95.

2. Invest in maintaining your house and save money

Inspection and advice

You are a house owner? But don’t know how to maintain your house in the Dutch climate? Or, want to keep the value of your house up for future selling of your house? This service is for you.


First, we inspect your house to see what the current state is.


We make a maintenance plan, so you know exactly what to do in the next few years.


Sustainability is an essential part of this advice. So, you know how to reduce your energy bill, too. 


In the advice, we always look to the most cost-effective way of maintenance. Just in time. 


Prices are based on a rate of €95 an hour.

3. Finishing touch

Colour and paint advice

Does your house feel as something is missing? But you don’t know what? Or do you just want to create a new look and don’t know where to start? 


First, we look into your specific situation, what are your wishes? Which colours do you like? 


A balanced colour plan is made, especially applied for your specific situation. 


In the end, you will know exactly which materials and tools you need and where to order them. This will save at least a few hours of your time.


And optional, you will learn how to paint yourself. So you can be very proud of the result.

Why choose Settle Down Support?

  1. We explore your wishes and dreams and see how close we can get to making them come true. Online or offline if possible.
  2. You save time for other things because we help you make the best use of your time, energy and money.
  3. You don’t spend more time and money than necessary preparing your move or your home improvement project. Furthermore, you maintain a clear overview in an otherwise busy, stressful time.
  4. All our advice is adapted to suit your particular wishes.

We used Marijke’s help during our move to our present home. We had obtained a so-called ‘kaal’ apartment i.e. one without any painting and flooring done. She helped us make a calculation of the required amount of primer and paint, and also supported us in making a budget-friendly choice with the paint. Aside from this, she helped us prepare a checklist of basic items to be arranged for a new home like gas, water, internet, etc. She not only helped with making the list but also with resources on identifying providers that had a good cost to quality ratio. We would certainly say that her help was indispensable in making our apartment a home. 

– Jubin and Viji Jacob


Let’s make you a home

Plan an online introductory meeting, without any engagements. 

Please feel free to also ask for other services for expats, if you need something else. We love to help you further.

Take off to a successful house renovation by downloading the Renovation Guide for free.

- Start off successfully by turning your Dutch house into a dream home.

- Stop overthinking the renovation steps and make the best possible renovation start.

- Save your valuable time by using this renovation guide so that you can enjoy your renovated house soon. 

Thank you for downloading the renovation guide. Check your e-mail.