Have you seen it already? The housing market is cooling down. Finally, after years when house prices sometimes rose more than 20% a year. In the autumn months of 2022 the prices were almost 6% less than the first part of 2022. And, the interest rates for mortgages are rising. The uncertainty in this time makes that houses are a bit longer for sale. So, let’s check the opportunities for expats in this house market.

What advantages does that have for expats/ internationals?

The most important thing is: you have more choice and time to think. Makelaarsland, a large organization for brokers in the Netherlands, gives the advice to take more time in the process between buying and signing a contract. Because taxation of the house, technical reports etc. are not so easy to plan in this time. Which gives you some more time to decide, investigate and prepare. Which is a luxury.

Questions you can ask yourself in the process of buying a house

Well, I am not a broker. And we can not predict the future. But when you want to buy a house, you can ask yourself a lot of questions. Here a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is my budget?
  • Which are the extra costs involved in buying a house? (Read more about my own experiences here)
  • What are my requirements?
  • How about the wishes I have? In order of importance.
  • Which things are not so important for me ?
  • Do I see myself living here for the next few years?
  • How much are the costs of maintaining the house in the next few years?
  • What is the technical state of the house? Always ask for a technical report, even when the house is almost new.
  • From when is this house available?
  • Is there any modification needed, to make this house a home?
  • Do I like the neighbourhood?

The most important question

Of course, you can ask yourself more questions. But there is one more to notice: A lot of expats answered on the question: Why have you bought this house? They will answer: “When I first visited this house, it felt right”. Your feeling gives you most of the time direction in your decisions. Don’t underestimate that.


This time can be a good time to buy a house. Especially when you have money yourself, you have more opportunities in the housing market as an expat. There is time to investigate and make a good decision before you bid.  Use it for your good.

When you need help with clarifying the technical report, estimate the budget of maintaining a house in the next years or how to do modifications in your new house. Feel free to contact me.

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