When you buy a car, you normally look at the state of that car. Right? Or ask someone to come with you with some knowledge. But when you buy a house? Are you planning a technical inspection for your new house in the Netherlands?

In this blog, you will read more about what a technical inspection is and how it is done. And of course, why it is important.

When you buy a house…

Imagine, you are going to buy a house in the Netherlands. And with that house, you are also the owner and have responsibilities. However, your preferred house is not in the state you imagined in your dreams. Window cases are rotten, and the roof needs replacement. A lot more work needs to be done than you expected.

This is why you need a technical inspection for your new house in the Netherlands.

When you buy a house, you are obligated to research the state of the house you buy. Most people don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves. Or maybe, you already fell in love with a house.

There are more advantages:

1. You know how much maintenance needs to take place. So you can budget the maintenance.

2. An expert always sees things, you haven’t mentioned yourself.

3. You can negotiate that large defects will be solved by the current owner.

4. A technical home inspection will help you avoid making a serious financial mistake. 

What is a technical inspection?

A technical inspection is done by an inspector who looks thoroughly through the house. In the end, you receive a report. The report will state what kind of shape the house is in and what repairs you can expect in the near future. They inspect:

– The quality of the roof

– The state of the window cases

– Inner and outer walls


– The space underneath the house

– Ventilation

– The presence of fungi

– The presence of asbestos

– And much, much more.

And when you buy a newly built house?

Out of my own experience, I can really say that a technical inspection is needed. The construction company made a few huge mistakes. And the technical inspector did help us with seeing the mistakes and write them down. Even he negotiated for us.

We had two leakages in the bathrooms, unfortunately. But also some little things that needed to be solved. Do you want to read more? Read this blog.

What to arrange?

If you bid on a house, you can negotiate that on the terms that the house inspection needs to be good. A real estate agent can help you with it.

When your bid is approved, and you are able to buy the house, then it is time for planning a technical inspection.

You can arrange that yourself, or a real estate agent will help you with that. If you want to do it yourself, search for an independent inspector.

How you can help during the inspection

Do you have doubts about the state of the house? Tell it. Also, you can tell what you already heard from others. Two people see more than just one individual.

The costs

The costs of a technical inspection start from €350.00 onwards. This depends on the size of the house. That is very little compared with the risk of not doing an inspection.


In my work, I have seen a lot of technical inspections. The quality of those inspections differ very much. On this website you can find reliable companies.

What’s next?

The technical inspection of your house in the Netherlands will give you insight into the state. If you know the state, you can think of planning maintenance or renovation. A well-maintained house will sell more easily!

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