Why this blog?

I love to do my work the best I can. Whether someone has a large budget or not. My personal challenge: seeking the best possible solution in your situation.

This could be: repairing instead of replacing. This can be: advise people first to save money, so they can invest in quality materials and craftsmanship. Or, do their renovation in parts, so they will save the interest on a loan later on. And, of course, check the possibilities for subsidies.

This blog is written to give you insight what quality is, especially when renovating your house, and what the gains of quality are.

What is quality?

Defined by the Oxford Languages:

The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.


A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

For me, quality is when the work is done in a durable, neath and sustainable way. 

Why quality?

– First, I can really enjoy craftsmanship and the joy that it gives. 

– Did you know a well maintained house with quality materials will sell sooner? It is seen as you take care of your house well. 

– By maintaining your house, you can save money later on? For example: by painting your window frames on time, you don’t need to replace the frames later on. 

– The finishing touch of a house makes the difference in appearance. 

– Good materials will hold longer, so it’s already more sustainable. 

-You respect the other, by paying them a normal loan. It’s honourable. 

Why are things so expensive in the Netherlands?

This is a question, I get very often, as it will take time to get used to the prices. In the Netherlands, labour is expensive. The price for consumers includes 21% VAT. However, other taxes, insurances and saving for pensions are also part of this. In return, the government takes care of allowances, health care and schools. And, for everyone, there is a minimum wage when working. 

When you buy materials, there are also hidden labour costs included. The truck driver will be paid for the transport, the seller needs to own also their money. 

How to use your budget in the most optimal way?

You can optimize your budget and possibilities, by asking yourself these questions:

– Think about what is most important for you. Is that for example replacing the kitchen, or the bathroom?

– Think in possibilities. What can you learn to do yourself?

– What can you add later on? For example: some neighbours in their sixties would like to have a bathroom downstairs later on. However, constructing that bathroom now won’t make any sense. Although, they change the living room now, and have some space left. What they did was already laying pipes, so installing later on will be much easier. And, in the meantime, this space is storage space. 

– What is the most urgent now and what can wait for a few years? Check what you can repair and what not. 

– Making your house more sustainable? There are many subsidies available. Check out this blog for more information. 

– Maybe there is a possibility to include upgrading the energy label in your mortgage. 

– Could you buy things second hand? There is a huge market in second hand building materials, furniture and much more in the Netherlands.   

Extra tip: The advantage of buying local

1. Reputation: a company, who is working locally, wants to keep their reputation up. 

2. It’s easier to reach out when you need some extra service.

3. Most local companies are more service orientated, as distance is shorter. 

Quality versus quantity

When you are planning to live in a rental house for just a few years by yourself, there is no need for a flooring which can handle a whole family living on it for years. So, it can be a good choice to buy a cheaper floor. The basic question is: what do you need for your situation?

When a price seems to be very cheap, think twice. I came across many situations in my work, where a cheaper option ended up to be the most expensive.

It’s up to you

Are you doubting whether that offer is a good one in your situation? Or, are you in need of some advice to start renovating your house? 

Plan an online meeting for free, by clicking this link. Love to see you and hear about your situation. 





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