Settle down in my new house

Of course, it took a while before I settled in my new house in Eindhoven, more specifically Meerhoven. (You can read about the previous phase here). What really helped was finishing the rooms one by one and just being together as a family, surrounded by our treasured belongings. We began with our bedroom, so that we would have a nice oasis to retreat to for a well-deserved rest.

Then we put all the crockery and pans in the kitchen cupboards. Putting curtains up in some rooms was a priority too: curtains reduce noise, help you to sleep, give you privacy and make the place feel more homely. The next room we tackled was the living room, and then the storage room. Being able to make good use of a storage room meant that we didn’t have to live surrounded by chaos for months. We only took a few carefully selected items of furniture with us to the new house, and then bought a mixture of new and second-hand furniture that suited our needs in our new environment.

What means settle down in a house for me?

For me personally, I feel more at home when I have my family around and once the colours in all the rooms are in balance.

All white is too stark. The quality of the finishing is also very important to me. If the paint is a mess, the room doesn’t feel finished at all. Also, life becomes much easier once you know where everything is and can find things easily.

We made a list each month of all the little things that need fixing and a plan for fixing them.

It took us a year to get everything well and truly sorted, but that’s to be expected when you also have a new baby to take care of.

With a good structured plan and budget is settling down a lot easier. Click here if you want to know how we can help you.

Some other things that helped:

– Getting to know the neighbors

– Discover the neighborhood

– Personal stuff around in the house

– Plant some flowers in the garden

– Spending time in our new home with friends

– Buying second-hand furniture to complete the house.

Lessons learned:

  • Buy more moving boxes than you think you will need.
  • Thorough preparation will help you to cope with surprises.
  • Ask people to help you with the things they are good at.
  • Make a budget and reserve 15% for unforeseen expenses.
  • Plan, plan and plan again. Allow a 15% time margin for unexpected delays.
  • Always read the small print in contracts carefully.
  • By preparing our move well, our house soon felt as a home.

Next blog is about starting with maintaining our new house. Because even brand-new houses need some maintenance.

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