On Dutch television, there is a programme which is called “Wie is de mol?”. A favourite of many people. In this programme, the attendees are doing a lot of games. One attendee is sabotaging the whole game in secret. And you need to guess who that is. 

However, that is not all, the scenery is fantastic. Ruins, old factories, mines and castles. The beauty of the buildings comes with the years. The time did affect those buildings. 

A way to let time not affect your house so much is the right maintenance at the right moment. This maintenance calendar is a good start.

The best cost effictive way of maintaining your house? Not too early and not too late.

For who is this calendar?

Many expats struggle with maintaining their houses. Because, what is normal or obligated?  This blog is for everyone who doesn’t know how to maintain their house in the Netherlands. Some things are especially for house owners, other things are for everybody.

Maybe you are used to living in a tropical climate, or a dry climate. Then, you will see that a different maintenance approach is needed here.

A note: every house is different. Depending on the state, age and place, maintenance can differ. Also, some things you can do in a different month, just as it suits you. If you need advice on your specific situation, feel free to contact me.

Why a maintenance calendar for your house?

Let’s give you a few reasons:

1. It reminds you what to do when.

2. Maintenance will keep the value of your house high.

3. Your house is sold more easily when a house is well-maintained.

4. Maintenance can save you money in the long run.

Maintenance per month


  • Checking the fire detectors
  • Trimming trees when it is not freezing
  • Make a budget for maintenance this year, and the coming years. (In general, reserve 1-2% of the value of your house per year is enough).


  • Trimming trees when it is not freezing
  • Reviewing the house insurances. Is your situation still the same as last year?


  • Clean the ventilation system and exchange filters if necessary. Including cleaning the ventilation grills.
  • Remove old plants and plant new plants in the garden.
  • Fertilize the garden


  • Check the fire detectors
  • This is a good month, starting to paint the window frames
  • Set the thermostat for the summer.


  • Clean window- and door frames.
  • Inspect the seals in the bathroom and kitchen. Replace when necessary.
  • Empty sinks, and check for leaking tabs.


  • Clean the chimney.
  • Take a look at the facade. Are there any (new) cracks?


  • Checking the fire detectors
  • Are all locks working good? It’s to lubricate hinges and locks.


  • Check the fire detectors
  • Check the rubbers in the window- and door frames.
  • Plan an appointment for the hot water boiler if it runs on gas. (This is obligatory). 
  • Refill the hot water boiler system, when the pressure is less than 1bar.
  • Vent the radiators
  • Set the thermostat for wintertime.


  • Clean the ventilation system and exchange filters if necessary. Including cleaning the ventilation grills.
  • Clean the gutters
  • Are the roof tiles still in place?
  • Check if your flat roof is free from cracks.
  • Idea: plant bulbs for next year.
  • Empty outdoor tabs, to prevent pipes from freezing.


  • If your house needs a new layer of paint in the next year, ask for offers.
  • Remove leaves from paths and roofs.
  • Clean window- and door frames.


  • Check the fire detectors.
  • Trim trees when it is not freezing.

Do you miss something on this maintenance calendar?

Just leave a comment. Do you want to know more about maintaining your house? In this blog, I explain what you can expect in the next years.

Is your house not as well maintained as you hoped? Or do you need some extra help? Feel free to contact me. And we can plan a free introductory meeting.

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