You buy a new house, so you don’t have to do much to maintain. May I tell you a story?

It has been 3 years since we moved into our newly built house. And we received a binder full of information on how to maintain the house. After half a year they advised to clean the ventilation unit and after 2 years the house should be painted. That is really soon, don’t you think? But the truth is: it was really needed.

Your case may be different. To maintain your house the right way has some advantages:

– You save costs in the future.

– The value of the house stays well.

– Your house can be sold more easily.


In the Netherlands, there is a sea climate. There are periods with lots of sunlight, or rain. You never know what the weather will look like in a week.

A house has to endure a lot of circumstances. No worries, Dutch houses are made for it! Just know what to do when.

What to do every year?

The good news is that this maintenance you can do mostly yourself. Good maintenance saves you money in the future.

1. Let a professional check the hot water boiler.

2. Clean the rain gutters.

3. Clean the ventilation unit, including the valves.

4. Renew the batteries in the fire and detectors.

5. Replace rubbers around door frames and window frames if necessary.

6. Take a view of the (flat) roof for tears and damages. This prevents leakage.

For a maintenance calendar for download, click here.

What to do every few years?

Good maintenance is doing things just at the right moment. So you get the best out of your budget.

1. Painting wood. Every 5–7 years, the wooden windows and doors need a new layer of paint. But also: have a look at the sealant between the glass and window cases. Check the rubbers.

2. Professionally clean the air ducts.

3. Renewing the sealant in the bathroom and kitchen. This helps to prevent leakage.

4. Changing rubbers from the water taps.

After 10–15 years

Did you know most people move again before the house needs more maintenance? In the Netherlands, on average, every 8 years people move house.

In this stage, your house needs some extra maintenance. A good moment to move house, so the new owner can take care. In some cases, the floor is just worn out. Or the walls need a layer of paint. But also think about:

– Renewing the fire detectors

– Replace the hot water boiler and ventilation system. A new system is normally more energy efficient. This will save money in the future.

Are you a house owner? Do you want to know what maintenance is needed for your house in the future? Just contact us.

The big maintenance

Every 20-30 years, a house needs renovation to keep the house safe and sound.

In your case, it could be:

– Replacing the kitchen and bathroom for a new one

– Renewing the flat roof

– Changing locks

– Professional checkup for the fuse box. After about 30 years, it is time to renew and check all the electrical wires in the house. That prevents fire.

– Changing the glass panels.

– Renewing the gutters.

– Improving the insulation of the house.

Do you need more information on the exterior of your house? Check out this blog.

Maintaining an old house

I love old houses. You see the history of the people who lived there, the style and the craftsmanship. But in most cases, old houses need more care than newer houses. That’s why a lot of internationals want to buy a relatively new house.

If you live in a monument, check first the rules before you make changes in your house. In some cases, you can get subsidies. That helps you on your way.

The costs involved maintaining a house in the Netherlands

In general, 1.5% of the value of your house a year. So if you yearly reserve €4.500 for a house worth €300.000 you will have enough money for maintenance in the future.


Maintaining a house in the Netherlands is not difficult. Good maintenance is doing the right thing at the right moment. This prevents extra costs in the future. And keeps your house safe!

But the most important of all: a house is a place to relax and feel at home.

Do you want to know what maintenance is needed in your house?  Contact us!

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