Do you recognize this? Once there was a time that meetings took place at the office. After half an hour a headache comes up. And after an hour you are completely worn out and happy that you could leave the room. That is what bad ventilation do to you, also on a smaller scale.

Why is ventilating your house in the winter so important?

Normally, during the winter we live more in the house than outdoors. We sleep, work, cook, wash and live there. The air you breathe is limited to the size of the room you are in.

A healthy climate indoors helps to keep you healthy and concentrated.

The level of carbon dioxide is reduced.
It reduces the humidity in your house.
It prevents germs to grow.

When you ventilate well, you use less energy to heat your house.


This needs explanation. If there is a lot of moisture in the air, it cost more energy to warm the air. But if there is not enough moisture in the air, your skin will and throat will be dry. So search for the right balance. The newer houses are normally dryer than older houses.

The right way to ventilate your house:

1. Ventilate day and night, a little.
2. Use extra ventilation when you shower, bathe or cook.
3. When you have a ventilation system in your bathroom use this! When you use the cold air from outside there is more condensation.
4. Use the ventilation system and clean the valves twice a year. Replace filters on time.

In older, not well-insulated houses you have a natural airflow. That’s an advantage in this case. Newer houses are insulated and have a ventilation system. Sometimes with ventilation grills. In other cases only a ventilation unit, which also recycles the heat in the house. This is called a WTW-unit.


Ventilating your house in the winter means changing your habits. The result is a good climate to work and live in. So you can enjoy concentrating.

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