When you just bought a house, your house is too small, or you just want to adjust your house, this blog is written for you. Because who do you need in which case? What does a handyman, construction company or architect in the Netherlands?

In general, you can say: a handyman for little projects, an architect for the large projects and a construction company for everything in between.

But first: how do you find a trustworthy company?

Everyone has heard a story about the horror or complains about a handyman or construction company. And of course, it happens. You don’t want leakages, damages and other unforeseen circumstances. So take your time for choosing a company which fits your needs and is trustworthy. You can do that by:

– Asking around for reviews from friends, colleagues and neighbours.

– Read the reviews of the company on google or klachtenkompas.

– Ask the architect, if applicable.

– Look for a certified company, for example on https://keurmerkkwaliteitsvakman.nl/.

The next thing to do is ask for several offers from different companies. Normally, construction companies don’t work on an hourly rate, but by quotation. Things to be aware of:

1. Is the offer complete?

2. Stelposten. These are cost items which are an estimate. And because this is an estimate, the outcome of the cost can be unsure.

3. Terms and conditions.

4. How long do you need to wait before the activities start?

5. Are there things you can do yourself?

Is it difficult to read a quotation in Dutch? Do you know which question you need to ask? No? That’s the moment to ask for help, to prevent unforeseen circumstances in the future.

When do you need a handyman?

Everyone can call himself a handyman in the Netherlands. Depending on the skills of the handyman, he or she can help you with:

– Assemble furniture

– Small adjustments in your house

– Carpentry, painting

– Flooring

Normally a handyman will do the less specialized jobs.  If you need a more specialized person, see below for the names in Dutch.

Unfortunately, it is pretty normal to do undeclared work in the Netherlands. However, there are many reasons to say no to it. Read this post for more information.

What can a construction company do for you?

If you want to make a big adjustment like a dormer or expansion, you probably need a construction company to do that.

A construction company is responsible for:

– Safety at the working place

– The building process

– The right trained people for the job

– The time schedule

– Ordering of the materials

– The easy permits if applicable

Also, a construction company can work together with an architect or constructor if necessary.


When do you need an architect?

You need an architect when you want to build your own house. Or, adjust your house on the outside and need a permit (omgevingsvergunning). An architect is the designer of the house and the lead of the building process. He or she will take care of the implementation of all the rules and regulations in the Netherlands regarding a house. The architect works together with:

– The municipality for the permits.

– The constructor for the construction of the building.

– A construction company for the building process itself. Mostly, the architect has a preference for certain companies.


The constructor makes calculations of the constructions of a newly designed building. He or she is the one who decides which measures there must be taken to build a safe house or expansion. The calculations with the drawings are returned to the architect and implemented.


Sometimes you only need specialized people for a job in your house. Not a handyman or a construction company. Here are the companies you can contact for that:

English Dutch translation
Electrician Elektriciën
Plumber Loodgieter
Roofer Dakdekker
Bricklayer Metselaar
Painter Schilder
Plasterer Stucadoor
Carpenter Timmerman
Upholsterer Stoffeerder


Last but not least

If you want to adjust your house or build your own house, start early. At this moment, there can be a huge waiting list due. Be direct in what you want and do not want, so you can prevent surprises. And, if you are stuck in the process, contact us! We will help you with the overview, understand all the documents and ask the right questions. A kickstart is a good start.

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