Out of my own experience, buying a newly built house in the Netherlands can be quite challenging. For me, the most challenging was that I had an idea in my mind, but it didn’t always was the reality. For example: we waited a lot longer before our house was ready, due to delays caused by weather and permits. At first sight the costs are less than buying an existing house, but at the end that isn’t always the case. On the other hand, when you start in a completely new house, you can attach everything to your own wishes. Or at least almost everything. As promised last week, hereby some more information.

The house market for new houses

In 2019 there were 71.000 brand-new houses delivered on the market. The average price of a newly built property in the Netherlands in 2019 was €386.400,00.

In the coming years, a lot of new houses are needed, because the market is too tight at the moment. Also, the population is changing. There is a need for houses which are suitable for people who are willing to buy their first house, as well as people who want to buy a house which is suitable in the future when they get older. At this moment, there is a discussion going on about how to manage this with the space and workforce available.

There are 2 ways to achieve a new house. Buying a plot of land, and built your own house there. In this case, it is wise to search for an architect to help you run through the process. But in this blog we focus on buying a house in a project, because most new houses are built in this way.

The normal procedure of a newly built project house:

To buy a newly built house, first it’s good to know what the process will look like. To give you some idea, here is an overview:

1. Search for new projects. In Eindhoven, you can have a look here.
2. Seek for a mortgage advisor.
3. Register for the house you want.
4. Research on the construction company.
5. Wait till you hear whether you are able to buy the house. (It is common that more people want to buy the house than there are houses available).
6. Read all the documents carefully and sign.
7. Arrange your mortgage.
8. Appointment with the notary.
9. Construction phase starts.
10. Prepare a budget
11. Decide which extra work you want.
12. Buy or choose a kitchen and bathroom.
13. Visit showrooms.
14. Decide how you want to furnish your house.
15. Prepare the move.
16. Receiving the keys.
This list is not complete, because every situation is different.

The advantages of a newly built house in the Netherlands

There are a lot of advantages of buying a newly built house.

– A fixed house price, although sometimes you need to bid.
– You can adjust the house almost completely to your wishes, depending on the construction company and law, of course.
– The house is built regarding the latest regulations and rules.
– Energy costs are low.
– Comfortable.
– Next years’ maintenance will be very limited.
– In most cases, you have the guarantee that your house is built properly. Ask for Bouwgarant or Woningborg.

– The house is probably easier to sell after a few years living in it, than older houses.

The disadvantages:

– When the house is in the construction phase, you already pay for the mortgage.
– In the contract there are all kinds of conditions what can cause for a delay, and will cost you extra time/ money.
– A lot of decisions will come your way. From: how does the kitchen need to look like till which kind of handle on the door you want.
– Take into account that there will be a lot of extra costs involved. Most houses are delivered as empty shells.
– The process can be time-consuming.
– Normally, when you have finally the key, there will be some issues which still need solving (in Dutch: opleverpunten). Although the construction company is responsible, it can give you some discomfort. Please help yourself by booking a delivery inspection at an independent company. They will help you with negotiating when there is something which still requires fixing.
– When you receive the key, it still takes a lot of effort to make it your home.

Some things to keep in mind

By buying a newly built house, you can attach the house to your wishes.  Read every document carefully! It will prevent you for unforeseen costs or circumstances. Ask help from others who went through the same process, or plan an introductory meeting for free.


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