After a few years of living in your house, it’s time for a bathroom renovation. The former owners did it 15 years ago. Or, you just bought a house, but the bathroom isn’t your style.

1. Where to buy a bathroom in the Netherlands?

You can buy a bathroom in several places in the Netherlands.

Builder’s merchant or lumberyard

Most stores have a separate corner for tiles, bathrooms and accessories. If you don’t know what to choose, take a look there. The quality of the materials may differ, but usually the prices are reasonable.

Bathroom showroom

If you like a more luxurious bathroom or need more ideas, this could be a good starting point. In a bathroom showroom, you can expect a wide selection of materials like bathtubs, shower heads and sinks. It could be wise to make an appointment upfront, as the vendor will have more time to advise you.

You can always ask for a quotation. Depending on the showroom, they can install the whole bathroom, or you can only order the materials.


Some handymen are specialized in bathrooms. They are mostly cheaper than construction firms, however, do your research well to avoid poor results in the end. You can ask them for references and guarantee periods.

More information, check out this blog

Construction firm

Most construction firms will do bathroom renovations as well. Especially, when you want to renovate more than a bathroom, this could be a good option. The advantage of a construction firm is that they normally have more specialisms and their contacts for good quality materials and prices.

2. What does a bathroom renovation cost?

This, of course, differs on the size, your demands and choice of materials. An average bathroom will cost you €20k including mounting. A basic bathroom will start from 12k, and a very luxurious one will cost you more. When you do it yourself, count at least on 6k.

3. Can I negotiate the price for a bathroom renovation?

The surprising answer is yes. You are allowed to negotiate on a bathroom. 5-10% off is normal. Although, not every company will give you a discount.

4. What should be included in a quotation?

In my work, I have seen a lot of quotations. And, all are different. However, a complete offer should have these items:

a. Differentiation between materials and labour.

b. Demolishing bathroom and waste container

c. Travel costs

d. Labour (plumbing, applying sealant, installing furniture)

e. V.A.T.

f. Delivery time

g. Terms and conditions

h. Guarantee period

5. How can I orientate for a bathroom?

You can visit your local builder’s merchant or bathroom showroom. Also, on Pinterest, you will find lots of ideas for a new bathroom too. Gather all the pictures you like, your current layout and your other ideas.

If you want to orientate well, the renovation guide can help you. You can download the renovation guide for free, by clicking here.

6. What’s the normal waiting time before a company can start a bathroom renovation?

Due to a shortage of materials and people, it’s expected that you need to wait 3–9 months. These months are used to order materials and plan the right people for the job.

7. During the bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom is a dusty job. So, be prepared to clean your whole house afterwards. You can expect that there will be a waste container in front of your house. And, some nuisance of the demolishing.

Also, during the bathroom renovation, you can’t use the bathroom. There is a possibility of placing a temporary unit in your garden. Or, you can shower at the fitness centre.

8. How about cleaning after the finished work?

When the bathroom renovation ends, you probably have to do the cleaning. You can expect a faint shimmer on the tiles, dust to clean and removal of stickers.

9. Who does which job?

Installer: the electrical part

Plumber: everything which has to do with water and sewage system.

Tiler: placing the tiles in the proper position.

Carpenter: changing the layout, doing the construction work and placing new furniture.

Specialist in applying the sealant.

Do you have more questions?

Just put a comment below, and I will answer them as soon as possible. Or, make an online appointment to ask your questions here. It’s free of charge.



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