“You should write a blog about what it is to be a house owner in the Netherlands.” An Indian man said. That was a comment during an information evening about renovating your house in the Netherlands, I organized. “Because I would have loved to know on forehand how much cost I could expect after I have bought a house”.

Buying a house is a whole process in itself. And, of course, you are very happy when you finally find a place to live. However, there are some things you might want to know up front.

So what to expect on a monthly basis?

Most of this is just using common sense.


Internet, we can’t live without any more. My advice for you: always let the internet be installed by the internet provider. Why? From my own experience: it will cost you a lot of time and hassle. If the company installs it, they will fix everything for you. Normally this will cost you around €60.

Compare prices and providers, and you can save a lot of money, too.


You can’t choose the water company. Count on €30 a month for a family of 3 people. Everything included.

Electricity and gas

At this moment, the electricity and gas market fluctuates a lot. To compare prices, you can use gaslicht.com. In this blog, you can read what a normal household consumes.

Yearly costs for house owners in the Netherlands

1. Tax

Not a favourite subject, I know. However, every house owner in the Netherlands pays tax for his house.

Having a house, you will be charged taxes. The “belastingdienst” will charge you sometimes money because you own a property and the property has some value. This is all dependent on your income and the value of the property. For now, this is too complicated, so ask your tax advisor.

On the other hand, the municipality where you live will also charge you yearly.

A. “Onroerende zaakbelasting”

This is an amount of money based on the value of your property, in the last year.

The amount can differ in every municipality. Just to give you an example: In Eindhoven, this is around €428 a year for a house which is worth €400k. In Veldhoven, it is €378.

B.  Waste charges

In the Netherlands, you pay waste charges as a house owner. This depends on how many people will live in the house. For example, 1 person in Eindhoven is €200 and if you live with 4 or more people it is €350 a year. However, the amount you have to pay can differ per municipality.

C. Sewage charges

€168 a year in Eindhoven for property owners.

D. Maintenance for the hot water boiler

You may think: what has this to do with this list? When I speak to many expats, they forget that a hot water boiler on gas needs maintenance every year, by a professional. This is really for your own safety.  Every year, a few people die in the Netherlands of carbon monoxide poisoning. You don’t smell it.

E. Small maintenance costs

Changing a battery in the fire alarm, lubricating locks, and some new rubbers for your tap. These things you can do yourself, you only need the materials.

Do you want to know more about maintaining your house well? Just download the maintenance calendar here.

Other costs in the future

Did you know, that the outside of a house needs to be painted every 5-7 years? Or at least: the wood on the outside. Or, do you think: that kitchen needs replacement in a few years?

Some costs are unforeseen, like a leaking roof. Others, you can expect or plan, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Keep in mind that as a house owner, your life will be much easier when you have some savings for unexpected circumstances. A guideline can be this one: reserve 1-2% of the value of your house every year. By doing so, you will have enough money to maintain your house well.

Also, you can save money for investing in your house. Just read this blog about investments that add value to your house

Also, think about making your house future-proof. Sustainable and well-maintained houses will sell normally much easier.

Do you want a better insight into future costs?

You are not the only one. Having a good plan will save you a lot of trouble. If you need a plan specific to your situation, just send an e-mail by clicking this link. And, we will make one together.



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