A new kitchen

Buying a kitchen in the Netherlands is not always easy. There are many choices to make, and a kitchen can be expensive. When we bought a kitchen, we made a huge mistake: there was no installation in the quotation. Now we think it’s funny, but at that moment it was not. More about that you can read here. In this blog (especially written for expats and internationals) you read which things you can keep in mind when you want to buy a kitchen. Hopefully, you will make no mistakes at all ;-).


Be well-prepared when you decide to buy a kitchen. You can ask yourself this questions:

– What do I really need in a kitchen?

– Are there other wishes? Like the height, style, appliances?

– What is the current situation? Where are the ducts and piping? The colour of the floor?

– How big is the space which is available for the kitchen?

– What is your budget? A really basic kitchen without installation starts from €2.500,00 onwards. Be aware that tiles and applying sealant is normally not included in the price of a kitchen.

– Where do you want to buy a kitchen? What kind of quality are you looking for? More on that further on.

– Do you want to mount the kitchen yourself or outsource it?


So now you already did a lot of work. But before buying a kitchen, take some extra time. Ask your friends or colleagues what they find practical in their kitchens, look around in showrooms and wonder what you would like. Read reviews on Google or ask this to your friends on Facebook. Sometimes it takes a while to know which style suits you, or what is needed in your situation.

Buying a new kitchen in the Netherlands

Well, you know what you want and need. It is time to visit showrooms, ask for quotations and negotiate. Negotiate? Yes, in the Netherlands, it is normal to negotiate about the price when buying a kitchen. But some kitchen stores have fixed prices. When you negotiate, a 10% discount is common. Nowadays, it is normal to make an appointment for visiting a showroom. Some friends needed to wait 6 weeks before they could visit a showroom.

In showrooms work sales people. They are also skilled in designing a kitchen and know how to sale and how to influence you. They will open the drawers with the best systems you can imagine, sell you the most expensive oven because the food will taste better etc. You can take advantage of their knowledge and learn from them. Be straight forward in what you want or need. Probably they want you to decide the same day, because you then get only the best offer. Breath, and take the time you need. Let them give a quotation first and then negotiate. Read the tiny letters and ask what the installation part is in the price, and what the kitchen will cost. Normally, the costs are split in the offer. Don’t be pressured and feel free to ask other offers from other companies. When you order a kitchen, the delivery time can be long. So also inform yourself on that.

Some other suggestions

Of course, you can buy a kitchen at a kitchen showroom. But there are other options. You can also buy kitchens at the local cabinet-maker, search for a good second hand one or design and make one your own.

There could be several reasons why a new kitchen need to wait for a little while. Sometimes a kitchen is just ugly or outdated, but in a good state. Replacing the doors of the cabinets and counter can be an option. 


When you know what you want, it is possible to buy a kitchen for a good price in the Netherlands. The preparation can consume time, but it can be worth it. Always ask what is in the price and take your time for a good decision. Other options are purchasing a second hand kitchen or replace the cabinet doors. We are looking forward to seeing your new kitchen. What is your story?

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