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Sometimes, you have the feeling that you are overwhelmed because there are too many choices. If you are planning to buy a bathroom in the Netherlands, you can have this feeling. Where do I start? What is normal here? What do I need to expect? In some cases it is the same as when you want to buy a kitchen.

Are you planning to renovate your house or you are about to move? Take a look at our services! We are glad to save time and money for you.

Where can you buy a bathroom in the Netherlands?

There are specialized showrooms all over the Netherlands where you can buy a bathroom. Normally they sell everything which you need for your bathroom. Ideally, to go and visit to get an idea of what you want.

Also, you find a section in every construction store with appliances for bathrooms like tiles, baths, tabs etc. Mostly, they are cheaper than the specialized stores. But, they only sell the materials. So, you need to find a handyman to do the job or do it yourself.

Then, you have specialized stores in tiles. If you want something special, go there.

You can also buy the materials online.


When you want to buy a bathroom, first take a look at your current situation.

– Is it possible to renovate the bathroom when living in the house? The best moment to renovate the bathroom is when you are not living in the house.

– What is the state of your bathroom?

– Are you satisfied with the current floor plan? Or does it need to change?

– How important is the bathroom for me?

– What items have to be there?

– Is there a budget?

– What is your style?

– Measure your bathroom including the doors, windows and connections.

– Ask for an appointment with your preferred supplier. They will take you more serious.

Visit a showroom or supplier

You know what you want and need, your budget and where to go. So, it is time to buy a bathroom! Exciting!

Keep in mind that there are many tricks salesmen have. So don’t be surprised if they offer you lunch, coffee with apple pie or even wine. Or, that they want you to decide the same day because it is a special price. Keep calm, be direct in what you want, and ask for an offer. Take time to think and ask at least one other offer with another company.

A basic bathroom will start from €3.500,00, and a luxurious bathroom can cost you easily €15.000,00.

Some tips and tricks for the best offer

– Negotiate on the price! Yes, in this case, it is really common in the Netherlands. Up to 20% off is normal. In some cases even more.

– Consider what you can do yourself. Are you able to demolish the existing tiles? Assemble furniture?

– Compare prices. If you want to have the offer checked, we can do it for you! Just plan your appointment here.

– Think about how to clean the new bathroom. Now, it’s time to make it yourself easy!

– Ask for the date which the bathroom can be installed. Be aware that a waiting list is normal and it can take several months.

For the best result

When somebody comes over to do work for you, take care of coffee and cookies. They will highly appreciate it. Ask daily how the work is going, and check their work regularly. Be direct! You can expect a lot of dust, noise and cleaning work. Also, inform the neighbours that you are planning to renovate the bathroom and how long it will take. This helps to keep the relationship well.

Our own experiences

We didn’t have much choice as we bought a new house and our budget was tight. The bathroom was less important than the kitchen for us.

So the basic bathroom as included in the contract was fine. It included a shower, sink and toilet. We could only choose 3 colours of tiles on the floor and wall. Although the seller was really surprised by it, we wanted nothing extra. I had a plan to make the bathroom cosier. Low budget. And: it worked out very well.

Step 1: We placed a glass shower screen, to prevent that the floor will be flooded every time you take a shower.

Step 2: Buying an old oak table, saw it into planks. And glue it on the windowsill.

Step 3: Buy an old oak drawer to use as storage in the bathroom.

Step 4: Apply sealant around the sink, shower screen and toilet. This helps to keep cleaning easy.

Total costs: €350,00.


If you want to buy a bathroom in the Netherlands, know what you want and need. Compare prices and negotiate. And take care well of the people who mount the bathroom. Good luck.

If you are planning to renovate your house, or moving. Take a look at our services! We are happy to save time and money for you.

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