Have you ever received a letter because you forgot to inform the electricity company about your move? Well, I did. And it was a few hundred euros. Moving is one of the busiest times of your life. And to help you as an ex-pat, here is a list of 10 things not to forget when moving in the Netherlands.

1. Preparing a budget

By making a budget, you know exactly what you can spend during the process of moving  into another house.

Things you can add to your budget:

– Unexpected expenses

– Double costs

– Taxes

– Mortgage advice

If you need help with this, just contact us.

2. Inform the municipality

You should inform the municipality on time. The period to do that is 4 weeks before you move to 5 days after you move. You do this in the town hall yourself, or in some municipalities, you can do it online. If you do it online, make sure you have a DigID account. You need your passport and (rental) contract.

There is also an advantage of informing the municipality. They inform other governmental organizations like:

– Tax services

– Consultation desk

– Health insurance

– Pension funds in the Netherlands

– Hospitals


3. Start early to find the right contractor

Last week, I wrote a blog about this subject. Nowadays, the contractors are very busy. So when you want to change something in your newly bought house, be on time. Nobody wants an unfinished house for years.

4. Labelling boxes

The first one is very obvious. But many people forget this. I even heard of a couple who packed their boxes, gave them all a number. And wrote on a list which box was filled with what. After that, they lost their list. So with 80 packed boxes, you can imagine what happened. Pfff. A lot of extra work.

If you want to make sure you don’t forget anything. Download this checklist for free

5. Electricity company

Another thing ex-pats easily forget when moving house in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, you can choose your own electricity provider. This can be a good moment to rethink your choice. There will also be an overlapping time between your old house and new house. A new contract can save you up to €300 a year.

6. Water company

In and around Eindhoven, the company which provides water is called Brabant Water. You can’t choose this, but you need to inform that you will move from house to house.

In other parts of the Netherlands, there are other water suppliers. Depending on the place you live. 

7. Internet provider

After all the work you have done, you think: oh, the internet connection. And then you call the provider, and it will take 6 weeks for them to get your connection ready. This situation happens a lot. Did you know it can take up to 2 months before you are connected to the internet? So choose your provider early in the process.

8. GP, dentist

There is a shortage of GP’s and dentists in the Netherlands. So, take your time and start searching for one in the area you want to live in. You never know when you need one.

9. Employer

Inform your employer on time about the date when you want to move. In many cases, you get an extra day off! Paid by your employer. And if one day is not enough, take some furlough.

10.  Introduce yourself to your new neighbours and inform them

Just ring on their door, say who you are and inform the new neighbours about your move. In the Netherlands, it is common to inform about the activities you want to do in your new house. Especially when you want to replace your bathroom, and therefore you will make a lot of noise. Highly recommended starting a good relationship with your neighbours.

Maybe you have another thing to add?

Did you forget some things when you moved from one house to the other in the Netherlands? I love to get to know your story. Please feel free to give a reaction.

You can also download the checklist moving house.





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