Many ex-pats are surprised when they notice that many Dutch houses are sold unfurnished. And, even when you rent a house, you probably need to think about curtains, flooring and furniture. In this blog, more information about flooring in the Netherlands and the costs involved with it.

Which style does fit you?

A floor is a huge surface in the space you live. So it will influence how the room will look like. Do you like a modern style or classic? Dark, or light? How is the light falling in the space?

What colours do you like? To help you with colours in your house, you can read this blog.

Your personal situation

When I was a student, I lived on my own in a small room. I normally walked there on my socks. After studying, I spent most of the time outside. So, the floor was not intensively used.

Now we have a complete other situation as we have little children walking around. And they love playing with sand. You can imagine that the floor needs to be sturdy and easy to clean.

Good to know when you want to buy a floor

There are several qualities of flooring. By having a look at the label, you can identify a lot of information.

For example, if the flooring is fire-resistant, free from formaldehyde, suitable for floor heating or not. You can check this website for more information.

Classification of use

This one is really important. So take a good look at it, before you buy a floor.

AC 1 classification 21: Light use. This is suitable for your bedroom.

AC 2 classification 22: Normal or moderate use.

AC 3 classification 23: Intensive use. Very useful for hallways, living room when you have kids.

There is also a classification for commercial use. 31, 32, 33. It works the same as above, only for commercial use.

Investigate what the state of the underfloor is

A good floor is dry, free of fungus and smooth. In many situations, you need a layer of insulation or equalization beneath the new floor. And think about extra insulation if you need new flooring on the ground floor.

When you live in a flat, or rental house, you may have extra regulations for flooring. Mostly this is to prevent noise disturbance for your neighbours.

Do you need help with insulating your house or choose the right floor? Just send me a message.

Costs of flooring in the Netherlands

The costs of a new floor depend on your situation, style and budget.

Keep in mind that besides the costs of the top floor, there are more things to keep in mind.

– Removing costs for the current floor.  Maybe you need to rent a waste container or bring it to the recycle centre.

– Subfloor.

– Equalization of the floor, especially important when you want to lay tiles or apply a floor coating.

– Boarding.

– Tools.

– Labour costs. A good craftsman will cost at least €50.00 an hour.

When your budget is limited, you can always seek on Marktplaats or Facebook for second-hand flooring.

Which top floor do you choose?

The next list is not complete, as the possibilities are endless.


This is a very popular flooring type in the Netherlands, as the costs are starting from €5 p/m2. And you can lay it yourself. Another advantage that you can take it with you when you move.

There are many qualities in laminate. You need a subfloor before you start laying the laminate. This will reduce noise and unevenness. When you like to mob your floor frequently, this is not the best type of floor for you.  As water can damage laminate.


This is the cheap version of PVC flooring. If you want to mob your floor frequently like in the kitchen, this flooring is a good choice. Normally, you can cut it to the size you want. As it is very flexible, you don’t need a subfloor. This flooring is not so costly in the Netherlands and starts from €6 p/m2.

Be aware that you may see dents from high heels or chair legs.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are normally very sturdy and easy to clean. Nowadays, the tiles can have a wood look too. They make a good combination with floor heating. On the other hand: laying tiles is a profession. And tiles start from €25 p/m2. You can’t remove them without demolishing them.


This floor type won in popularity in the past years. And that is very understandable: as you can lay it yourself, flexible and durable. Also, floor-heating is not a problem. The possibilities in looks are endless. Tiles, concrete, wood, all is possible.

On the other hand in PVC may contain substances that are harmful to your health. So, check the label. The price of this flooring starts from €25 p/m2. And you need an underfloor to smooth out the surface. Also, very suitable for staircases.

Floor coating

Last years, you see floor coating everywhere. Very modern, smooth surface and easy to clean. There are several kinds of floor coatings, with different looks. Like the concrete look, high gloss or a marble effect. And a good combination with floor heating.

For this flooring type, I suggest asking a professional. As the coatings are not easy to apply, and the floor needs to be very equal. It also takes precaution measures to apply, like masks and gloves.

A disadvantage of this type of flooring that it needs to dry. In the first weeks, you need to be very cautious with the coating. Afterwards, it is an easy floor in maintenance. The costs start from €60 p/m2, depending on what you want and the state of the floor.


Imagine, you walk into a luxury hotel. What is on the floor? Yes, carpet. A big advantage is that carpet mutes sound and feels warm on your feet. In many bedrooms, you will find carpet for this reason. Also, you can buy carpet in a lot of qualities. The costs of carpet in the Netherlands starts from €5 p/m2 for a very basic one to €100 for very luxurious.

One remark: think before you buy carpet. It is not easy to clean. You only can vacuum clean it. An option is to use a loose carpet in addition to your interior.


When you want to buy flooring for your house, think about the next questions:

– What is the state of the subfloor?

– Do I need insulation?

– How long do I want to live in the house?

– What budget do I have? Be aware that the costs of craftsmen for flooring are pretty high in the Netherlands.

– Do I want to lay the flooring myself?

– In my situation, what would be good flooring?

– Does it fit with my personal style?

Need help choosing the right flooring in your situation? Or just want to check if the quotation you received is okay? Just contact me for the possibilities. 







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