Heavy and hot. That’s what I remember of a summer job in a paint shop. The buckets full of paint, the books full of wallpaper. But I also remember the endless possibilities of wallpaper, paint and curtains together.

Why would you choose wallpaper?

For me, wallpaper isn’t the same as painting a wall. The structure, the smell and the pattern make the difference. There are stunning wallpapers on the market with beautiful patterns. Geometric shapes, with flowers, landscapes and animals. The list goes on and on. Whatever you like, you never run out of the possibilities to choose the right wallpaper.

And what do you think about only using wallpaper as a highlight?

Before you decide

First, take a look at the wall where you want to apply wallpaper. The wall must be smooth, otherwise, you will see the structure through the wallpaper. Another question to you: Which colour does fit in your interior?

Where can I buy wallpaper in the Netherlands?

Every construction market has a variety of wallpaper available. Mostly, this is the cheaper option.

If you want more options in wallpaper, I suggest finding a good paint and wallpaper store. They have books full of wallpaper. Famous brands are: Eijffinger, Esta, Arte, Rasch and many more. The advantage is that they know their collection really well.

What kinds of wallpaper are on the market?


This is the cheapest version of the wallpaper. It consists of two layers of paper. The quality varies. The last time I tried to apply this type of wallpaper, it cost me a lot of time. Even though I am very experienced. First, you need to apply glue to the wallpaper, before you put it on the wall. And after that, you will see a lot of bubbles, which you need to smooth out. The glue makes this wallpaper week, so you can easily damage the wallpaper. So, if you are a beginner: choose non-woven wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpaper

Maybe you have seen this paper in the past. Foamy texture, white colour and a paper backside. That is the cheap version.

Some vinyl wallpapers sturdy, and can resist a lot of water and are easy to clean. That is perfect quality wallpaper and really suitable for heavy circumstances. I have seen it in hallways and kitchens. But this kind of wallpaper is not cheap.

Non-woven wallpaper

This is my favourite, and let me tell you why. This kind of wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to remove. And the colours stay as they are. Really ideal. You apply the glue on the wall and then glue the wallpaper on. The glue doesn’t weaken the wallpaper.

The possibilities in non-woven wallpaper are endless. But not in structures. The surface is normally smooth. Downside is that you see every unevenness in the wall.

Glass fibre

It is actually not really wallpaper, but it is a more woven glass fibre on a roll. It is very sturdy and easy to apply. After application, you need to finish this with paint. You see this kind of wallpaper a lot in companies, hallways and hospitals.

But take in mind to take precautions like safety glasses, gloves and mask. First, glue the wall, and then apply the glass fibre. You can buy this already with a primer, which saves you a layer of paint in the end. Unevenness in the wall is not a problem.

What will suit you?

That is the question. What is your interior style? What kind of wallpaper is the best for you? If you are a beginner, start with non-woven wallpaper. If you need a heavy-duty wallpaper choose glass fibre or vinyl. The choice is yours!

Maybe you think: I want to apply wallpaper, but don’t know how. Just send me a message. I am happy to teach you how to do it in your specific situation! 

If you don’t know what your style is, in September a workshop will start! Stay updated by joining this facebook group



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