Why this blog?

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook. An international couple was asking for help because they dreamed of a tiny house in the Netherlands. They read already some things, but it was complicated to oversee the process. Everything was written in Dutch. And the rules and regulations are not clear. Very understandable.

My eyes started to sparkle when investigating tiny houses, a new dream is born!

This blog was also an investigation for me. To live in a tiny house has a lot of advantages, I think. Also, it is a way to live more sustainable, cheaper and independent. Later, more on that.

What is the meaning of a tiny house in Dutch?

A tiny house in the Netherlands is a fully equipped small house, where you can live the whole year. Ideally, the house is self-sufficient and sometimes even off-grid. This is different from a holiday house. Living this way is seen as a sustainable way of living because you use fewer resources.

The process of building a tiny house in the Netherlands

The first pioneers have finished their tiny house in the Netherlands. Depending on the place, they live temporary or permanent in a tiny house. Some municipalities realize that living in such a house is an opportunity for the overstressed housing market. So, I hope to see more projects coming in the future! But, let’s start with the 5 steps.

1. Inspiration

Everything begins with inspiration, a thought or a wish. And life is full of surprises. Inspiration does come when you relax and take time.

To seek for inspiration you can write your dreams and thoughts down, and read them once in a while. Another way to have some inspiration is to collect images, talk to others, go to a certain environment and of course nature. If you have a dream of living in a tiny house in the Netherlands,  investigate your thoughts, ideas and motives! That gives you the perspective to persevere when things may be difficult.

2. Orientation

Take time for this process. One of the things you can do to orientate yourself is to look on the internet, visit other tiny houses in the Netherlands and ask what the experience is of the residents. If you can read Dutch, I recommend these books.

Also, investigate the possibilities in your municipality. Some municipalities are more open to tiny houses than others.

To design a house which fits you, you can ask yourself the following questions:

– What do I find important in my life? Is the kitchen for example more important to me than the bathroom?

– Do I want to go off-grid, partly or not?

– What kind of materials do I want to use? Circular, recycled or new materials?

– Do I want to do it myself, or ask an architect?

– Do I want to build the tiny house myself completely, or others?

– What is my budget?

Is this process too much for you? Let’s talk and see what we can do for you to make this easier!

3. Design

Now, it is time to put all your inspiration on paper. Designing a tiny house in the Netherlands is not easy. The regulations and rules are strict. In the “bouwbesluit” you can find the rules and regulations. Also, you need a permit before you built the tiny house. To get the permit you need construction drawings, situation drawings and much more. In 2022, the process will change, due to a new law. This law makes it easier for you to build a tiny house.

Also, this can be the time to take a course on how to build your house.

4. Preparation for the building process

Time to search for a place where you can build your tiny house in the Netherlands! It is a good idea to look at a place where there is a roof, a toilet, electricity and storage space. Of course, this is not applicable when you buy an almost-ready tiny house. Don’t forget to search for a spot where you want to live.

In the meantime, make a schedule on what to do in which order. In the same sheet, you can write an estimation of the time you need. And have you thought to ask for the help of others?

And, another fun part is buying the materials and tools you need. Why is it fun? Negotiating, searching for possibilities, and finally seeing the real materials coming. Don’t forget to calculate the materials on the forehand, of course.

5. Construction phase

In this phase, your dream will come alive! Take all the courage you have and start. Don’t forget to rest on time, so you will have the energy you need. Good luck!


This blog was so much fun to write! It’s a shame I can’t go into more detail for now. Building a tiny house in the Netherlands is something I added on my bucket list. Yes, it will cost a lot of hours of work investigating, dreaming, orientation, building and drawing. But I think, it is definitely worth it. By doing you will learn a lot.

If you want help with making your dream of a tiny house in the Netherlands come true, please contact me.

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