The reason for this blog is this: I meet a lot of internationals, who bought a house. And, a year after the house is finished. But their Dutch garden is a whole different issue. It can use some ideas, attention and love.

To give you an idea: we have a 70m2 garden. Maintaining our garden will take 15–30 minutes a week, depending on the season. However, I don’t want to miss the blooming, flowers and joy it gives to work in the garden. It will empty my head. 


Autumn is a good time of the year. The leaves will colour, and everything slows down. This is the time to give your grass the last cut, plant bulbs and new plants. As new plants will develop still some extra roots before winter starts. And, this helps to be independent and strong in the summer.


Your garden is sleeping. That’s a good time for trimming most trees and bushes when it’s not freezing. In this time of the year, the garden doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.


Time for enjoying blooming plants, fertilize the ground, sowing and weeding. After 21st of May, there is no change for frost any more. This is the time to plant annual plants, to give your garden a flower boost.

Annual plants can also be: bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumber.


Keep on weeding, watering and fertilizer your Dutch garden if necessary. Enjoy the flowers, bees and birds. You can stimulate flowering by removing the faded flowers.

Summer can be demanding. However, a green garden also means some natural cooling down.

Idea 1: Plant a tree

A tree gives shade in your Dutch garden and changes depending on the season. It is also a natural air conditioner in the summer.

There are many different trees. Some you can trim in any shape you want, others will grow big very easily. Before purchasing, think about what fits you and your garden.

We have a small garden (70m2). And, although with a terrace and playing kids around, there is not so much space for trees. So we planted 3 pear espaliers. Yes, it takes some more cutting, however it gives the privacy in the garden we want. And, afterwards, we enjoy the blooming and pears.

Idea 2: Replace some of your garden tiles by plants

Some gardens are full of tiles. This garden will be very hot in summer, and in the rainy months, the water will not drain. So, why not start small by removing a few tiles and plant some easy plants. Like Mediterranean herbs or beautiful grasses.

Idea 3: Replace weed by easy maintaining plants

When you have a lot of bare ground, weeds will thrive. Trust me, a Dutch garden full of plants is less work than weeding all the time. Check if the ground is composed of sand or clay. And, how much sunlight is entering your garden.

Some ideas for purchasing plants:

– Go to your local garden shop and ask for advice. They are most willing to advise you, which plants will suit your expectations and garden.

– You can purchase plant packages online, with a variety of plants who will bloom at different months. So, you can enjoy your garden the whole year.

– Buying plants by your local plant grower is a good idea too. As, mostly, they sell plants which grow easily in your region.

Idea 4: Use layers in your garden

What I mean by this is: use plants with different heights and colours. This makes the garden way more interesting.

Idea 5: Use the walls

Especially, when you have a small garden, using the walls is a good idea. Climbing plants are the solution for a green garden, with not much maintenance.

There are several kinds of plants. Some have aerials roots which grab the wall. Others need some more assistance in climbing.

Idea 6: Fertilize

Plants need water, sunlight, soil and food. Especially, when you plant new plants, your garden can use some fertilizer. Compost, dried cow manure and in some cases chalk are good options.

Idea 7: Rain barrel

Do you know, in some municipalities, you can even get some subsidies for purchasing a rain barrel?

Idea 8: Cherish the leaves in autumn

This one is low maintenance. Leave the leaves in the fall. As, they will fertilize the ground and give shelter to insects.

Idea 9: Colour matching

Do you like flowers and colours? But also love a calm surrounding? Then, colour matching is a way to choose your plants. For example: purple and blue, white and yellow or pink and white. The key is to limit the colours you are using.

Idea 10: Spread the blooming time in your Dutch garden

Usually, around April, I plan to visit a garden centre. I love all those blooming plants there. This is, of course, a marketing trick. The blooming plants sell easier. So, when you think: I love also some colours in the autumn, visit the garden centre also in the autumn.

For example: a blooming tree in spring, can be boring in the summer. And, a rose will start to bloom from July onwards, with even some flowers in the autumn. However, in spring it is a dull plant.

Do you have some other ideas?

Just share them in the comments. Let’s learn from each other.


Maintaining a garden shouldn’t take hours of your time. Choosing the right plants makes the difference. Do you need more garden inspiration? Just check out this blog.


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